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On Social Security of Ethical Research

Author ChangHong
Tutor LiHongYan
School Shanxi University of Finance
Course Social Security
Keywords Pension Insurance Pension ethics Pension insurance system
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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In modern economy, among the competitiveness of the country, pension insurance also takes oneimportant place in the social and economic systems. It represents its significant force thatcontinuously providing new direction of development and creating new institutions that promotes asmooth forward on national economy. At present, China is still in the primary stage of socialism.The old system was replaced by the new system which is in the pipeline. However, China is havingthe most serious aging problem among developing countries today. Compare with other developingcountries, China’s population aging is featured by fast, old before getting rich. The pensioninsurance related system has not yet been finalized. Under this background, it is of great importanceand significance to look to the future of funding gap in China’s pension security system, andoptimize the relevant institutional arrangements.Pension insurance is by no means merely a tool. The pursuit of its intrinsic relationship between therational values is reflecting the value-oriented state as an ethical entity. If lacking of appropriateethical direction, pension insurance will be acting rashly without its soul. Human behavior isrational behavior and it follows the principle of individual to achieve maximum value.How to avoid the adverse selection of individuals in the pension insurance activities? How toweaken the individual’s moral hazard? How to prevent the alienation of the public interest to privateinterests? These topics are worth studying. It is possible to prevent by setting up regulations, butthat’s far not enough if we only have the discipline. It also requires the individual’s self-discipline.The construction of pension insurance ethics is so clearly indispensable; while these aspects inresearch of pension insurance instrumental rationality are just been ignored in the current pensioninsurance theory.The theoretical discussion of China’s pension insurance largely ignored the ethical implicationof the pension insurance itself, and the setup of pension insurance did not consider the humannature. So the pension insurance ethics research is the necessary way of overcoming these defects.To discuss the basis of the pension insurance ethics, first, we need talk from related ethical issues,the research of the origin. We need be clear of the logical starting point for pension insurance ethics,concepts and analysis framework; second, we need review the ideological basis for retroactivepension insurance ethics. i.e. the strong view of the state ideology of communitarianism that the western countries explore, the solidarism ideas charity Freemasons, the system of justice of Rawls’Theory of Justice, the idea of the efficiency of welfare economics; domestic pension insuranceethical point of view visits are covered by the ethical connotations of the pension insurance, the roleof the ethics of pension insurance, the ethical flaws of the pension insurance, and the ethics-orientedreform of the pension insurance rights perspective pension insurance thought. Explore the basis ofthe pension insurance by two dimensions from the theoretical basis and practical basis.To discuss the pension insurance ethics theoretical basis, first is to interpret the differences inpension insurance ethics and other ethics unit of the difference between pension insurance ethicsand system of ethics of the pension insurance ethics, the differences of policy ethics of thesub-special pension insurance and public administration ethics, and then abstract the subject surfaceincluding pension insurance ethical disciplines interface, the definition of ethical study on pensioninsurance and the pension insurance ethics task to establish the choice of ethical research methodsfor pension insurance ethics disciplinary affiliation.

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