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Research on China’s Pension Insurance System

Author DaiWangXue
Tutor JiangMi
School Hebei Normal
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Pension system Aging Fund Management
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The pension system in China,after decades of continuous development andimprovement, and establish a basic framework of multi-level security, the basicold-age insurance system coverage more widely to include within the scope of theinsurance the insured is also increasing. However, With the continuous developmentof economic society, aging problem is becoming more and more serious, the pensionsystem with market economy development does not adapt the increasingly protrudingproblem, Empty account phenomena, income inequality disadvantages become theconditionality problems affecting the development of the pension system constraintissues. with regard to the development of our pension system also caused academiaand society attaches great importance to scholars in the study of the existing system,based on the model from abroad to reform and improve the way, But because ourcountry population base is big, urban and rural differences apparent, specific situationcomplex, We failed to agree on pension system reform put forward operableimplementation plan. This paper on the basis of the existing old-age insurance systemdevelopment theory and practice, based on the current situation of the pension systemin China and the analysis of existing problems, draw lessons from the internationalrepresentative of the advantage of pension system, combined with the actual situationof China put forward the measures.This article is divided into six parts, analyzes the present situation of the old-ageinsurance system in China, summarizes the problems existing in the development,explore its development trend, and from the experience of foreign pension modeaccording to the actual national conditions of China, put forward the correspondingmeasures. The introduction part discusses this article selected topic background,research significance, the theory of the existing problems of pension system in Chinabased on the research of, to China the development of the old-age insurance systemframework and exploration on the route choice, for the development of the pensionsystem in China to provide new perspectives and ideas. Reviewed in China and abroad for pension system research and results, to provide the direction of this paper.The first part is the related concepts and theories, according to the paper selected topicbackground, the old-age insurance system in our country and the related concepts andelaborates the theoretical basis, the old-age insurance system is the core content ofsocial insurance system, as well as the most important part of social insurance system,has the common nature of the content of the social insurance and general features,features such as mutual aid, ensuring the basic life need, but compared with othersocial insurance programs, pension has its unique features, in general is the universaldemand, special status, long-term and complex management. The second partissituation and problems existing in the pension system in China, mainly from therunning mode of pension system in China, elaborates the capital management andevaluation, and points out problems existing in the development of, can be dividedinto regional pension system between urban and rural development disequilibrium,low level of rural social pension coverage, and security, the pension systemfragmentation phenomenon still exists, an aging population pressure increases, thesystem of pension legal system is not sound and the system of pension responsibilityshare the unclear parts. The third part is China’s pension system reform and thedevelopment measures, from increasing household income, balance urban and rural,building mutiple level pension system and put forward the corresponding measures topromote legalization process. Conclusion, according to the situation of our country,aiming at the problems in the operation of the old-age insurance system in China andinternational experience, from the perspective of history, the pension systemconstruction and reform is the inevitable process of social development, is an arduous,complicated and long-term social problems, will exist in a particular stage of socialdevelopment for a long time. Finally, to perfect the system of pension in our country,to ensure healthy and orderly development of pension system in China, to provide thereference for the authorities.

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