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The Evaluation of Chinese Public Health Insurance Payment System

Author DingJiaZuo
Tutor LiuXiaoMei
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Sociology
Keywords Medical insurance payment system Diagnosis Related Groups
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As the development of economy and the growing of comprehensive national, the vast majority of people have already out of the question with food and clothing, began to pursue a higher stand and of living. China also has plans to prepare entered the well-off or not, first look healthy. At the time of china began to building a moderately prosperous society, the health care has become a common concern problem of the whole society. In order to make the people are not difficult to see a doctor when they are ill, our country has carried out several reforms of the health care system, and have already achieved some results. However, there is far less to the well-off society required standard. In the reformation of the medical insurance system, the payment system reformation of public health insurance is very important.Insurance agencies, patients and medical institutions as a third party between, through payment of medical expenses and management of the different ways to control unreasonable medical expenses rise, and the ability to pass certain payment to doctors clinics to regulate behavior.. As medical institutions on the basis of the life-saving but also possible to create interest to maintain the smooth running of its own, therefore, reasonable and appropriate medical fee payment system could encourage medical staff by improving the quality of care, reduce medical care costs to make their access more high interest. Since both developed and developing countries are faced with an aging population, medical technology development and people’s growing demand for medical services and other issues. Therefore, how to solve the contradiction between supply and demand, with limited premiums more in line with people’s needs to provide affordable health care services issue has become the world’s common problems. In our country’s public health insurance payment system reform process, we should draw the appropriate lessons learned in other countries. So that China’s reform and more smoothly and avoid detours.As the world’s most developed countries, the United States, Japan, and Asia’s most developed countries, with the Chinese community in China Taiwan region’s public health insurance system in China is three very worthwhile reference examples. This article is through literature analysis and comparative analysis of the above three countries public health insurance payment system reform process, reform and reform of the current situation based on collation and research. Will be conducive to China’s reform experience derives from the Reform in China is still in the Medicare payment system made a favorable recommendation. This Chinese Medicare payment system reform and improvement of China’s medical security system has a high practical value and practical significance. This paper first describes the significance of the study and research background. Meanwhile, the domestic and foreign scholars studied countries and areas of public health insurance payment system studies were reviewed and Commentary. Secondly, introduced the Medicare payment system and its reforment process of the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Chinese. By contrast, the first three countries to identify China’s medical insurance payment system reform meaningful experience. Finally, targeted against China in Medicare payment reform issues put forward countermeasures and suggestions for further reform.

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