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Studies on the Problems and Suggestions of Urban and Rural Residents’ Social Pension Insurance

Author ZhuZuoLin
Tutor LeiZhenYang
School Central South University for Nationalities
Course Legal Theory
Keywords aging social provision for the aged urban and rural residents’ socialpension Insurance investigating Chibi which is a experimental city
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the improvement of living standard of Chinese people and development ofmedical and hygiene service, the average life span of China is rising and the structure ofpopulation is changing. China faced up serious aging problem, furthermore, the agingproblem of China has some fearful characteristics which are: number of the old is verygigantic; speed of aging is very quickly; the ratio of the old increase instantly; ruraldistrict has more old people. The aging situation leads to a series of social problems,like, the burden of finance is increasing gradually, rising of pension, fee-for-service,healthy care fee and many other fees, the old is the bottom part of pyramids, traditionalpension is faced up serious situation, the function of family support the old is going toweak in according with the family become smaller and smaller.Getting the guarantee providing for the elderly is human right of the old. Becauseof the old residents lack of labor gain which exchange with the other social members, so,they are in a limit situation to live and develop in their own strength. During the agegroup, people need help and guarantee from the society in living and developingconditions. Social security which is in the basis of essential justice adjust the formaljustice in order to let the society realize the justice of final result. With the changing ofsocial providing for the elderly, traditional family providing for the elderly is hard tosolve the more and more serious aging situation, all of these require urgently thereformation of pension system and the birth of new mode of pension system whichmeets the requirement of social justice.This paper researches the development history of Chinese rural social pensionsince the establishment of the nation, separates the history into4parts according to thecharacteristics of Chinese rural endowment insurance, pays much attention onresearching the experimental district implement the new mode rural endowmentinsurance. In the form of questionnaire survey and case interview with the urban andrural residents, this paper which is on the basis of researching the implement of urbanand Rural Residents’ Social Pension Insurance in Chibi City explores a series of newexperience of carrying out the social pension: carrying out activities which areconvenience and benefit to residents; doing best to take over and give the pension to theurban and rural residents;adopt varieties of methods to broadcast the urban and rural residents’ social pension insurance; innovate to manage the pension account of theurban and rural residents; enhance public service, complete the information system ofmanaging residents endowment insurance.From several aspects which are the ratio of residents who have been interviewed totake part in the social endowment insurance; how much they know about it and howthey get to know it;the reason why they take part in it; how much they pay for theirindividual account; their own characteristics influence the desire to take part in it, thispaper investigate the elements which influence of carrying out this social endowmentinsurance and then gets the conclusion that the gender of residents does not have directinfluence the desire of people to take part in it; the elder the people is,the much desirehe takes part in it; family income directly influence the people whether take part in it ornot; the number of family members has immediate impact of the desire and educationlevel of residents also influence the ratio of people whether to take part in it or not.According to investigate the problems which are implementing the urban and ruralresidents’ social pension insurance, then the author gives four suggestions to perfect thissystem, these suggestions are speeding up the legislative guarantee of the urban andrural residents’ social pension insurance system; establishing multilevel and nationalwide pension system; explicating clearly the responsibility of eachlevels’finance;linking up with other social security policy.

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