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Evaluation on Efficiency of the Basic Endowment Insurance for Urban Workers in Jiangsu Province

Author WangXiangMing
Tutor CaoXinBang
School Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
Course Labor Economics
Keywords Basic endowment insurance Data envelopment method Efficiency evaluation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Social endowment insurance system is an important part of social securitysystem in China, its purpose is to provide social endowment insurance fund to theretired old people through the specific institutional arrangements, in order toguarantee the need of their basic life. However, along with the problem of agingpopulation more and more serious in our country, how to solve the endowmentproblems of old age group have become the urgent matter of China’s socialendowment insurance system. Social endowment insurance system is the essentialsocial system to maintain social stability and long-term sustainable development ofeconomic.Basic endowment insurance for urban workers, as the most important componentof social endowment insurance, its operation efficiency will directly affect the level ofsocial welfare that old people can receive. Our country should pay attention to theimplementation and perfection of basic endowment insurance for urban workers.However, in the related field of the research of social security, there is not abundantenough research direct at the efficiency of basic endowment insurance for urbanworkers, and most of the research is limited to qualitative analysis. Through myreading and carding a large number of documents, summarized that there are mainlythree direction of the existing related research: one is the brief introduction of theoperation management of foreign social endowment insurance system; second isfocuses on social endowment insurance itself, as the research of the fund’s incomeand expenses, account operation and replacement rate level of social endowmentinsurance; three is to explore the selection and reform of the model of China’sendowment insurance system.This paper aims to establish a efficiency evaluation system of local basicendowment insurance for urban workers, by using DEA efficiency evaluation method,evaluate the efficiency level of basic endowment insurance for urban workers inJiangsu province, and the result can be used as a theoretical basis to improve themanner of working and policy decision of the current social endowment insurance forthe relevant government departments. This paper research mainly from the followingaspects:First of all, systematic carding the related research literature and theoreticalconcept of the social endowment insurance system of domestic and international. Determined the research approach and research methods of this paper: to evaluate theefficiency of basic endowment insurance for urban workers in Jiangsu province byusing data envelopment method.Secondly, establish the evaluation index system. From the data availability andindex correlation, in the basis of summary and reference of the previous relatedresearch, and finally established the efficiency evaluation index system of basicendowment insurance for urban workers in Jiangsu province.Finally, by using of the existing DEA model, according to the evaluation indexsystem, to get the efficiency size of basic endowment insurance for urban workers in13municipal districts of Jiangsu province in2010from the view of the empiricalanalysis, analysis the deficiency of input and output, and the efficiency improvementspace in each region. The conclusion is that: in2010, the overall level of efficiency ofbasic endowment insurance for urban workers in Jiangsu province is good, but there’sunbalanced phenomenon between operation efficiency of basic endowment insuranceand economic growth level, regional differences remained. Finally, it puts forward aworking suggestion, with the expectation of providing theoretical decision support tothe reformation of social endowment insurance system in Jiangsu province.

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