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A Research of Post-occupancy Evaluation about the Market in Changsha City

Author ZuoZuo
Tutor ChenXiaoMing; HeShaoYao
School Hunan University
Course Architecture
Keywords market building optimization investigation and analysis planning Post-occupancy Evaluation
CLC TU984.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Since ancient times, our country has the market. The market what was known as“fair”, is a kind of periodic market. Development of contemporary china’s marketfrom the beginning of reform and open, the free market environment and a freshsupply of agricultural products quickly gets the public’s favorite, the market hasdeveloped rapidly. The market has brought great convenience to people’s lives, whichis an indispensable part in the market system. However, with China’s rapid economicdevelopment, people’s living standards has been greatly improved, the expectationsabout food safety, environmental health, quality of life are constantly improving at thesame time. Traditional markets, because there is short of long-term planning to relyon the market’s self-regulation, which led to the current existence of the problem of"dirty, chaotic and poor", which is no longer able to meet the requirements of thepeople, and the change is imperative. In order to ensure the healthy development ofthe urban environment and the economy, improve the quality of people’s life, thePost-Occupancy Evaluation(POE) is an effective way. This article will use sometheories and methods of POE in the research of farmer’s markets, and the conclusionwill be used to guide the design and transformation of markets.The article introduces the importance,possibility and impact factors of POE inour markets by describing the origin and the development of markets, and describeskinds of domestic and foreign research status at the beginning. Then introduced thedevelopment of the market in the world, especially in Changsha, and discussed theindex system and steps of the evaluation about markets building. Finally it expatiateson the POE application by the four local typical markets in Changsha City on thebasis of according POE research theories.The article selects some representative markets in Changsha as an example anddiscusses how to use the POE theories in the commercial buildings such as famer’smarket. We investigated some markets, and get a detailed understanding of farmers’markets through random surveys, interviews and behavioral observation. With thequantitative analyzing the information and data which is collected by the field survey,we get an objective result. Although the function of market is simple, but the complexcrowd and higher demand of environment makes it is particularly important to choosethe right Evaluation Guidelines.Because the guideline is an important determinant of different results, are not the same environmental behavior, architecture, and otherdisciplines departure, according to the different needs of the residents in the farmer’smarket, the article analyzes the environmental standards from several differentaspects such as physical environment, traffic environment, sales environment andsocial environment, and determines the index system of POE about the marketaccording theories of Environmental behavior, Architecture and the different needs ofthe residents.Then the article puts forward a few factors affect the usage of market accordingto the weak points shows in the survey and problems include in the construction anduse. The factors include several different aspects such as location and transportation,size of market, management system, design and environmental quality. At last thearticle proposes some effective optimization suggestions in the graphic design andspace design of Changsha’s market.This article is only makes the foundation research and initial application aboutPOE in the farmer’s market, in the hope that this research can provide reference andbasis for the future research in other related fields, improve the sales of the marketand environmental quality of our city.

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