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An Experiment Study of the Effects of Resource Information and Feedback on Social Dilemma Decision

Author SunLei
Tutor ZhangXiaoMing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords common resource dilemma resource information feedback types socialvalue orientation
CLC C934
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of the economy, the problems of resource decrease, wastingand environmental disruption are more and more serious. How to balance resourceexploitation and protection, how to deal with resource exhaustion has become the focus ofour society. Common resource is a kind of resource that everyone can get equally, but dueto the finiteness of it, people’s obtaining behavior from common resource also should becontrolled. Nowadays, the resource becomes more and more deficient. Individuals how toobtain common resource, especially how to balance the collective interests and individualinterests, has become a dilemma people often have to deal with. Comprehending peoplehow to make their decision and which factors can affect their decision are vital, which canguide people to make the right decision. Therefore, it’s very important to conduct furtherstudy on common resource dilemmas.This paper treats the common resource dilemmas as the experimental task, and usescollege students as the subjects, using both lab experiment method and questionnairemethod. There are computer virtual money and real tokens two kinds of methods in thestudy. The goal is to investigate and discuss the effect of resource information, resultfeedback, others’ gains feedback and social value orientation on social dilemma. Theresults indicate:a) Result information has a qualified influence on the decision of individuals.Resources information is the information about resource scale, including resourcedeterminate condition and resources un-determinate condition. Compared with the amountof money under the condition of determinate resource, individuals under un-determinateresource condition get more money from common account.b) Result feedback has a prominent impact on the decision of participants. Resultfeedback is the information whether the groups get the common success. Compared withthe amount of money under the condition of common success, participants under commonfailure condition get more money from common resource.c) Others’ gains feedback is also a basis of people’s decision. The content of others’ gains feedback is the amount obtained from common resource of one member in group.When others gain more from common resource, participants get less common resource;however, when others gain less, participants gain more.d) The social value orientation of people in experiment has an very importantinfluence on their agonizing decision. Cooperative people tend to take collective interestsinto account, and non-cooperative people consider more about personal interests. Incomparison with non-cooperative individuals, the cooperative gain less from commonaccount under the collective failure.e) Individuals make their decisions immune to the method of experiment. There is nosignificant difference between the amount of money people gain from computer virtualmoney experimental method and gain from token money method. This indicates that usingthe method designed in this study to investigate decision dilemma, the results are credible.

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