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Study on hybrid multi criteria decision making method based on cloud model

Author YuYinYan
Tutor ChenKe
School Central South University
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords fuzzy multiple criteria mixed criteria values languageconversion extended cloud aggregation
CLC C934
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In the social and economic life, there are a lot of fuzzy information and language of hybrid multiple criteria group decision making problems.Managers in order to complete a specific task or goal, from two or more viable scenario, scientific judgments and analysis, select a reasonable solution. At present, the language and lacks an absolute advantage of the conversion method of fuzzy numbers, mixed decision making is widespread and in view of this, this article on the basis of the transformation language and the cloud model, defines a triangle, triangular fuzzy number and its transformation, as well as cloud and trapezoidal trapezoidal fuzzy number conversion.Finally, proposed the concept of extended cloud models and proved on the basis of this expended cloud-based fuzzy operators. Research relevant theoretical literature on the basis of this article, out of the clouds and extended the concept of cloud and cloud models and guidelines related to the application of theories and methods were studied. Papers of main research content including following several area:(1) for decision-making groups on guidelines weight exists groups subjective preference, while, each a decision makers on each criteria are to out corresponding of language guidelines value of decision-making problem, first, based on language value and cloud model of corresponds to conversion relationship, using decision makers of language preference strike guidelines of subjective weight; then, according to the second digital features of cloud model-entropy, to established the sum of all programmed entropy of and minimum of optimization of model, and combined decision makers itself of weight, Objective weight value to seek guidelines; on that basis, find cloud model based on subjective and objective integrated weights. Finally, based on the weight of the weighting of the criteria as well as policy makers, using the weighted arithmetic average operator, evaluated each programmed and the optimal integrated relative distance, and sort accordingly into the programmed.(2) guidelines for weight is known, decision-making information to interval-number fuzzy triangular fuzzy numbers, gives form and trapezoidal fuzzy numbers, proposed a model of an extended cloud-based similarity measure computation method of decision making using fuzzy numbers and conversion of the cloud, enabling calculation of fuzzy number integration and harmonization, and sorted in the end.(3) for group decision making in the mix of qualitative and quantitative fuzzy uncertainty of knowledge and guidelines for decision-making, aggregation method based on extended cloud model operators are given to address hybrid multiple criteria decision making problems.Under a certain criteria, decision makers to out of decision-making information is language value type and numerical type, this made of expansion cloud to is good to language value and fuzzy numerical conversion to a unified of measure space in the, thus achieved in expansion cloud space in the of conversion and calculation, reduced has information of lost, makes decision-making more reasonable, also rich has cloud model in decision-making area of using range.

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