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Humanology Explanation of Science and Technology

Author SunShaSha
Tutor JiaYingJian
School Shandong Normal University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords science and technology humanology the development of science andtechnology
CLC G301
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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At present, science and technology combine closely, and the trend of integrationis obviouse.It is difficult to separate the two, so we collectively refer to the two as the"SciTech".The generation and development of science and technology can not dowithout the participation of the people, and the survival and development of humanalso can not do without science and technology.Science and technology is one of theways of human practice, which is an important content of human survivalmode.SciTech profoundly affects every aspect of human life, and we have alreadyentered the civilization era of SciTech. The rapid development of the civilization ofSciTech benefits the whole human, but it also presents a hazard to the survival anddevelopment of human. Humanology explaination of science and technology isdifferent from physical property analysis of the science and technology.We deeplydisscuss the humanity premise of science and technology, the positive and negativeinfluence on the people which produced by the development of science andtechnology.According to the negative effect of science and technology, we analyze itshuman paradox, and want to take effective measures to overcome the harm on humanproduced by science and technology, so we advocate the establishment of futureSciTech different from materiality SciTech. And to make it,we advocate thedevelopment of science and technology from the long-term aspects of the overallinterests of human.This paper mainly discusses the above questions from five aspects:In the first part, it reveals the meaning of science and technology and therelationship between science and technology formed by the deepened degree ofintegration of science and technology, analyzes the relationship between technologyand humanology, points out that the SciTech is the theory basis for the developmentof humanology and means the premise, laies a solid foundation for the development of human. But we should realize that the science and technology is not everything.The science and technology based on the analysis of the reason tends to put peopleinto parts of the machine, so we need to learn to use the humanology as theinterpretation regulations and guidance of the science and technology, to directe theroad for the future development of science and technology from the perspective ofhumanology.In the second part, it disscusses on the premise of human nature of science andtechnology respectively from three aspects of the premise of natural attributes, socialattributes and mental attributes. In the aspect of natural property of science andtechnology, the master of science and technology belongs to the nature. Science andtechnology activities depend on the nature and science and technology activitiessubject to the nature, thus to protect the nature we need to make the runconscientiously abide by the nature of science and technology.Science and technologyis based on the premise of the social nature of people, so science and technology cannot do without the social practice, and science and technology also can not do withoutthe social interaction. Science and technology is based on the premise of the spiritualattribute of human.The activities of science and technology are the motile activitiesunder the guidance of human consciousness, so we can see the science andtechnology is the result of comprehensive action of the logic rationality, analysis ofrational and irrational consciousness and value rationality of human.In the third part, it mainly discusses the relationship between SciTech and thedevelopment of human. Human development is an important part of the humanology,and it is the ultimate aim of the development of science and technology. So to analyzethe development of SciTech and human has important significance on the directionthat the science and technology follows advantageous to the development of human.At first this part reveals the concrete connotation of human development and theimplementation conditions, then explains specifily the positive role and negativeeffect produced by science and technology to the development of people from twoaspects of positive and negative, from the external environment and internal environment of human.In the fourth part, it reveals that the technology should serve the people, but nowit has been a threat consequence to human survival. This part analyzes the reasonswhy technology can produce such a person of paradox and its actual performance, andprovides a theoretical basis for the technology in the right direction. The humanparadox of science and technology refers to that SciTech under the domation oflogical reason, dismembers human nature, makes people become fabric accessories,lost its theintegrity、harmony. We wonder why technology becomes so. We investigateits reason, finding SciTech has its own properties and law of development and thehuman system has its own contradictions itself. Above all, the reason is thecontradiction between SciTech and humanity.In the fifth part, in order to overcome the negative effects produced by thealienation of science and technology, and to make the science and technology towardsthe right direction of human development, to play the positive energy, we shouldlearn to lead the development of science and technology, to realize the humanizationof science and technology. This part introduces the connotation and characteristics offuture SciTech which we advocate to develop, points out the basic principles thatshould be followed in the development of science and technology. This part probesinto the concrete paths for development of science and technology from three aspects:establishing the forbidden zone of human nature for the science and technology,combining the scientific rationality and humanistic rationality, establishing andimproving the social organizational system that conducives to the development ofSciTech.

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