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Study on the Innovation Models of Industry-university-research Cooperation

Author LiDan
Tutor JinJunZuo
School Henan Normal
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords viewpoint of STS industry-university-research cooperation mode strategic union mode case analysis
CLC G322
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In contemporary, science, technology and society have become increasingly integrated. The rapiddevelopment of knowledge economy puts forward higher requirements to innovation, thus innovationbecome the main driving force of science, technology and social development. The development of today’sworld is not only dependent on one side, but on the interactive cooperation and the joint pushing forward ofmany sides. In this context, industry-university-research cooperative innovation has become an easy choiceof the various countries in the world. Especially after the financial crisis, in order to grab a new round ofeconomic high ground, and promote upgrading of the industry, industry-university-research cooperation hasbecome a breakthrough to solve various problems. As for our country, industry-university-researchcooperation has been put into the national strategic height. However, the presentindustry-university-research cooperation mode has restricted the in-depth development ofindustry-university-research cooperation in our country. Therefore, it is both theoretical and practicalsignification to analyze and study this issue.On the basis of the existing research results, the industry-university-research cooperation has beenelucidated from a new perspective. This paper makes reference to STS for the relationship of thinkingbetween science, technology and society, tries to understand the connotation of industry-university-researchcooperation from the perspective of STS, and believes that industry-university-research cooperation is theintegration of science, technology and social function. At the same time, STS provides an importantdirection of thinking for solving the "two pieces of skin" problem in science and technology and economydevelopment. This paper focuses on the innovation of industry-university-research cooperation mode.Firstly, we introduce the industry-university-research cooperation mode in Japan and the United States.Some helpful references for the development of industry-university-research cooperation mode in ourcountry have been put forward based on the above analysis. We simply analyze the types ofindustry-university-research cooperation mode in our country, and mainly summarize seven types ofcooperation modes. On the basis of analyzing the present cooperation modes, we sum up the characteristicsof industry-university-research cooperation mode in our country:(1) the main body status of enterprises does not show up,(2) the role of the government is emphasized excessively,(3)industry-university-research cooperation mode is diverse. In addition, we analyze the existing problems ofindustry-university-research cooperation mode in our country, and believe that the main problem lies in thedeviate of the government’s position. Especially, the omission and offside phenomenon of the governmentis very outstanding. Moreover, we believe that the root cause is the administration management of thegovernment. At the same time, another problem is the imperfection of internal operation mechanism for thegovernment. Based on the analysis of the existing problems, we have constructed the newindustry-university-research cooperation modes. In this paper, we mainly established two types of newindustry-university-research cooperation modes:(1) the industry-university-research strategic union modebased on the development of strategic emerging industry;(2) the industry-university-research union modebased on the cooperative innovation of government-industry-university. On the basis of theoretical research,we further analyze and demonstrate the theoretical supposition using the special case, and believe that thispaper will provide some valuable references for industry-university-research cooperation in practice. Wechose the case of the cooperation between golden dragon group and henan normal university, and give adetailed analysis on both sides of the cooperation. Finally, we put forward to some new ideas for theindustry-university-research cooperation of local universities.

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