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Research on Performance Evaluation of Industry-University-Research Institute Collaborative Technology Innovation in Shaanxi Province

Author LiuKui
Tutor WangJinFu
School Xi'an University of Engineering
Course Business management
Keywords Combining study technology innovation performance evaluation factoranalysis cluster analysis
CLC G322.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The experiences of developed countries show that building the innovative country mustestablish the unique, more perfect national innovation system, and the key to establish anational innovation system is to achieve the close relationships and effective interactionamong different innovational subjects, production, study and research as the mostimportant subjects in the innovation activity, the combination of the situation directlyaffects and decides the establishment of the national innovation system and the operatingperformance. Therefore, the party congress report and multiple national development plansare highly stressed to speed up the construction of the technical innovation system whichregards the enterprise as the subject, the market as the guidance, and the combination ofproduction, study and research, guiding and supporting innovation elements to enterprisecluster, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements intopractical productive forces. Every region in our country also regard the regional innovationsystem which is based on the construction of combining production, study and researchtogether innovation as the priority of development. Set science and education resources inShaanxi province as an example, with the third national science and technology andeducation resources, however, in the economic development of the relative ranking17behind seating arrangement, how to further improve and promote the innovation oftechnology combining study for its performance and boost regional economic development,which become the strategic key tasks during the period “twelve. Five”.Therefore, the technical innovation path with the combination of production, study andresearch that is regarded enterprise as subject has become an effective model which isdrawn great attention by our nation and actively promoted. From the perspective of thetheory instructing practice, how to evaluate the technology innovation performancescientifically and reasonably under the situation of combining study, production, research,becoming important problems which countries promote technology innovationuniversity-industry cooperation development performance. Therefore, this thesis operates aresearch about combining study technology innovation performance evaluation. Researchdefines the unity of technology innovation and related concepts, analysis of Shaanxiprovince, the unity of technology innovation present situation, proposes key factors forinfluencing combining study technological innovation performance, through theliterature survey and descriptive analysis construction of the evaluation of the performanceof combining study technology innovation index system of our country, combining study area all over the world of technology innovation performance assessment, and theclustering analysis, take Shaanxi province for an example and China’s other provinces andcities region are compared, and put forward some suggestions, concrete researchconclusions are as follows:(1) In this thesis, through the data collection and expert interviewing form to analyze thecurrent situation of combining study and technological innovation in Shaanxi province,finding the main remaining problems specifically. First, science and technologyachievements’ conversion is not high. Second, universities and research institutes andenterprise interact and cooperate is not smoothly enough. Third, university and researchinstitute form and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements gap.Fourth, enterprise as the main body’s consciousness of combining study is not strong. Fifth,the enterprise is short of effective demand for technical achievements. Sixth, the capabilityof the second development of enterprise combining study is not strong. Seventh, theoverall coordination mechanism of the combination is imperfect. Eighth, the political lawsand regulations of the combination are not perfect.(2) Through consulting relevant data material, investigating the accessibility of index data,this thesis takes the input-output perspective of selection index all for quantitative index.Innovation investment indicators are: quantity of science and technology personnel,university science and technology activities in funds of funds from the enterprise theproportion of higher school science and technology activity funds, to the activities inscience and technology institutions of higher education refers to the total amount ofinvestment funds, higher school science and technology from the amount of governmentfunds, scientific research institutions from the amount of funds for science and technologyenterprise, the independent scientific research institutions for the activities in science andtechnology, scientific research institutions for the amount of science and technology fromthe government. Innovation output indicators: new product sales revenue accounts for theproportion of sales income (industrial enterprises above designated size), research anddevelopment institutions R&D topic number, in science and technology research anddevelopment issues, the number of service of scientific papers published in science andtechnology, the number of the technology market turnover, the number of industrialenterprise having contract invention patent (industrial enterprises above designated size),the number of the new product development project (scale above medium enterprise).(3) For evaluation, this thesis use a method of combining the factor analysis with thecluster analysis to evaluate the situation about the provinces and cities in China with thecombination of technical innovation, and with Shaanxi province as an example and otherprovinces in China compared with the combination of circumstances, getting the multiplefactor score of combining study in Shaanxi province is0.2, which is greater than0, so thecombination of Shanxi province with technology innovation performance in national aboveaverage, combining study is in good condition. From the sort of Shaanxi province, the combined score about combining study is located in the rank of the sixth among29provinces, positioning in the front.

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