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The Object of Transformation on Marx’s Philosophy and Significance

Author FengLei
Tutor YangSiJi
School Suzhou University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Marx Practice Material production The real-life world
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Marx is not born is one of Marxism, and only in certain historical stage of development, the development of his thought, he can into a Marxist. Recalling Marx After ideological struggle transition from the old traditional philosophy to the process of transformation of the Marxist philosophy philosophical view of the world, his philosophical view of the world changes all related to the conversion of Marxist philosophy perspective and philosophy subjects. Accurate grasp of Marxist philosophy perspective and philosophy subjects converted accurately grasp the evolution of Marx's philosophy and philosophical worldview theoretical characteristics of key scientific division stage and correct understanding of the development of Marx's thought the objective basis of the Transformation of Marxist Philosophy and its significance. It is due to the conversion of the Marxist philosophy research perspective, research methods and philosophical subjects, that makes Marx in its founding philosophy of Marxism before and after the process of fundamental change in the philosophical worldview, Marx this transition as a dividing two fundamental different ideological stage of development in the two phases have different theories qualities, former represents a departure from the abstract concepts and abstract reason still speculative philosophy beat about the bush democrat, liberal, and the doctrine of Marx's philosophy, with a speculative idealism and pure idealism theory of color, the latter from the concrete historical reality of actual and real life, historical materialism, thoroughly materialist philosophy and reality and thorough performance of human liberation doctrine. If philosophical theories about world view, a different philosophy, a different worldview theory and philosophy to the various philosophical worldview theoretical study of philosophy can be referred to as \due to different people's vision will form different people's view of the world, which is a different worldview and the worldview theory of different \on the different characteristics of the philosophical evolution history. Generally speaking, the great significance of Marx's philosophical revolution is that it overcomes the fundamental limitations and shortcomings of the traditional old philosophy in the past to stay away from people in real life, from the actual people in real life purely speculative philosophy shift to the reality from human life - - attention and reveal the actual variety of the nature of the relationship between people's real life and contradictions and its historical evolution of historical materialism as the core philosophy, the philosophical study illusory world of ideas from people imagined the world to the real life of the people The fundamental turning, to form the practice of advancing with the times to reveal the nature of the relationship and regular human real life world scientific worldview theory based on the specific history of mankind. Marx's philosophical revolution contains many elements, but his philosophical research perspective, the conversion of philosophical research methods and philosophy subjects undoubtedly his philosophical revolution occupies an important position and a key position paper caught in space only the study of Marxist philosophy conversion made to explore its philosophical revolution and significance, may not be exhaustive, biased, but I think that for us to correctly understand the development of Marx's thought and its philosophical revolution still has a certain sense, for us to make a clean break from the fundamental Marxist philosophy and metaphysical speculations boundaries of idealist philosophy is also helpful. Paper is divided into four chapters: The first chapter examines the transformation and evolution of the Marxist study of youth, focuses on the theory of the center of gravity of the era of Marx and Hegel and Feuerbach period; comprehensive study of Chapter II study of Marxist philosophy conversion the intrinsic historical trajectory, focuses clarify Marx evolution of the historical process of development in the period before the creation of the Marxist philosophy thought and philosophical subjects; Chapter the focus of this article, in this section, a comprehensive exposition of the object of study of Marxist philosophy fundamental shift main content, highlighting Marx as to the nature of the relationship between the world of the reality of human life, a fundamental contradiction, the basic contradictions of its historical law of development of the grounds and reasons of the study of philosophy, and to clarify the relationship between materialism and historical materialism founded; Chapter comprehensive exposition of the philosophy has revolutionary significance of the study of Marxist philosophy conversion; study has practical significance for us while in the prominent Marxist Philosphy object conversion has theoretical significance. In short, the philosophy of Marxism as a revolutionary, critical, scientific evidence criticizing the old world, the construction of the New World philosophical worldview theory is built from simple theoretical abstract \the basis of the criticism of the reality of people's real-life world, and it is this philosophical study fundamental shift, not only makes Marx his critique of capitalism by purely humanistic critique of speculative logic steering materialist history The concept of reality critique and Marx realized his communist demonstration by the speculative logic of humanism simple abstract argument to the scientific proof of historical materialism and to resort to the practice of proletarian revolution - the theory and practice of closely combining changes in transition from fantasy to science, and finally to the doctrine of socialism and communism.

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