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Music Teacher Education Curriculum Based on Teacher Professional Development

Author HeLiLi
Tutor YinAiQing
School Northeast Normal University
Course Musicology
Keywords Professional Development Music Teacher Education Curriculum
CLC J60-4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Since the 1960s, along with the concept of teacher professionalization proposed reforms began in the world of teacher education for teachers professional direction, along the route practicing teachers' professional development, how to build a huge, professional, high-quality Teachers have become the focus of national education. In 2001, China conducted a basic education curriculum reform, the reform covered a curriculum objectives, course structure, course content, learning, curriculum evaluation, curriculum management and many other content, new courses to teachers' professional development opportunities and challenges, but also further promote the professional development of teachers in the process. Train teachers in Normal Colleges as the cradle of obligatory training as a teacher great responsibility, and the course is to train teachers in Normal Colleges core aspects of the merits of its settings directly affect the quality of teachers' professional development. This thesis is divided into four parts: Part I: The first is the problem and its music teacher education curriculum Research; followed by the research significance and research methods; once again were elaborated teacher professional development, teacher education and curriculum musical concepts . Part II: First, from philosophy, psychology, pedagogy perspective seeking a music teacher education curriculum of the foundation; followed by elaborated curriculum guidance programs, training objectives, teacher professional development and curriculum reform of basic education in music teacher education curriculum requirements set. Part III: The first three in Jilin Province Higher Normal Schools Music Teacher Education Curriculum a comparative analysis of the current situation and investigation. Questionnaire distributed to students and teachers of the interview outline mainly from three aspects of teachers' professional quality (professional knowledge, professional skills, professional attitude) were set up, and get the answers for each survey were analyzed. Finally, according to the findings of the analysis, from the perspective of teacher professional development, teacher education curriculum for music deficiencies are summarized. Part IV: Based on the above-mentioned research foundation and realistic basis, combined with the results of the survey, the music teacher education curriculum to make a preliminary build. In this paper the literature, comparative analysis, questionnaires and interviews and other research methods, teacher professional development theory as the basis, through subordinate Jilin Normal University, provincial and local Teachers College Teachers College music teacher Education Curriculum Survey analysis, combined with college students in primary and secondary school music teacher surveys and feedback data to identify the current Music Teachers Colleges of Teacher Education Curriculum missing, then based on the curriculum of basic and realistic basis, propose Music teacher education curriculum optimization strategies for Teacher Education in Normal Colleges music curriculum provides a theoretical and practical basis.

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