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On the Contributions of Grammatical Metaphor Theory to Hallidayan Views on the Philosophy of Language

Author YangZhiYong
Tutor YanShiQing
School Suzhou University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Grammatical Metaphor Theory Philosophy of Language Halliday Contribution
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Contemporary mature philosopher of language or language schools of philosophy must answer three core proposition of the philosophy of language : language, thought and reality , the relationship between meaning and reference , and the relationship of language and truth . Halliday , as the founder and representative figures of systemic functional linguistics , in the long-term language study and practice , the three core proposition made ??his answer , the initial formation of the philosophy of their own language Halliday philosophy of language . As a result, systemic functional linguistics has been the basis of his philosophy , its more complete theoretical system , systemic functional linguistics to be in school buildings , an endless stream of new theories of linguistic theory occupies an important seat in the world . Since the 1980s , the grammatical metaphor theory proposed by Halliday and evolving detailed thoroughly discusses some of the core issues in its linguistic theory , that the theory of grammatical metaphor metaphorical relationship to resolve between language and reality the basis to explore the vocabulary of the language syntax system is how to reconstruct human experience and become a source of significance and potential significance , more importantly, it shows that the core of the relationship between language and reality , the philosophy of language Halliday proposition point of view, has a very strong philosophical meaning . Grammatical metaphor theory describes not only a linguistic phenomenon , to a philosophy , a deep mechanisms beyond language . It can be said , Halliday proposed and developed the theory of grammatical metaphor , sort out and formed their own language philosophy . Syntax metaphor theory important position and unique value , this article attempts to explore the Grammatical Metaphor Theory formation of the contribution made ??in the process of language philosophy in Halliday ; Specifically , is the exploration of Grammatical Metaphor Theory Halliday three core philosophy of language proposition of the contribution of answer .

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