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Word deconstruction

Author WuSanTu
Tutor DongGuoYan
School Yangzhou University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords music and verse Baishidaoren songs The poem about how to sing a song Phase of song levels punctuation a concise recording mode
CLC I207.23
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The verse of Song dynasty is the most musically stlye of poem in ancient China.The birth of this verse is owe to both the rules and forms of classical poem and music,and it’s levels is very clear.Research for the structure of this verse is somehow poor.This text uses tempo、tone and rhyme as latitude while using hamonious and bend as longitude to build a set of coordinates about the structure of this verse.And the baishidaoren songs will be used as instances.Before dicussion,it’s needed to shown the relationship of this verse and it’s music.The song with this verse after the southern Song dynasty usually be neglect,and it will be discussed in this text.The theory for the music of this verse is complex,it will be arranged.The music book of ShuanghouWei and Jiugongdacheng are related to the song of the Song dynasty,and there are some folk song has the same name as the song of the Song dynasty too,they will be mentioned. Besides the music of Dunhuang,The book written in the southern Song dynasty named Baishidaoren songs has 17 music scores,it is very impotant.This text will have a try to translate 3 of them.The poem about how to sing a song in the book named The origin of song lyric will be referenced.Inspecting from tempo, Phase is a very important level for the verse wihle neglected.And the number of words of this verse for a same song will fluctuate,and simple sentences can be declitered.The longth of sentences、the odd-even of sentences number and the open-shut of sentences clusters is important to the tempo of this verse.The arranging of the tone of a single word in this verse is infulenced by the rules and forms of classical poem of old dynastys,but in some special place,it’s decided by music,for example,the ending of the song.Some writors payed attention to the using of 4 tones of Chinese words. The tones of the word used as rhyme and the density of rhyme are important too.The old chart for the form of this verse see the words as base unit,it has fault.This text try to invention a concise recording mode used santences as base unit,and how to record the tone of single word is a question.

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