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Keats’s Poetic Creation and His Self-Treatment

Author BaiFan
Tutor LiZeng
School Northeast Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Keats Freud Trauma Self- healing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This paper attempts to demonstrate that the poetry of Keats is a self- healing . In order to prove this argument , this article first use of Freud 's theory about the trauma and anxiety , find evidence Keats in childhood indeed experienced a traumatic event , and prove Keats suffered anxiety after life does . Next , this article attempts to elaborate Keats is how to deal with the trauma and anxiety . This part of the main use of the Freud of the self , the I and super- theory and its repression and sublimation of both the theory of the defense mechanisms . Finally, through the analysis of Keats' poetry , in which to find the results after sublimation , which further proved that Keats 's poetry is a kind of self- healing . In this paper, a total of five parts , including the introductory section , three chapters and the conclusion . The introductory section includes literature review as well as a brief overview of the structure of this article . The first chapter discusses Keats experienced traumatic events , and Keats response to these traumatic events . The focus of this chapter is to prove that Keats really experienced in childhood traumatic events , and Keats response to these traumatic events is anxiety . The second chapter on Keats and how to deal with their own anxiety . This chapter proposed a hypothesis that Keats after the id, ego and super- conflict between me , to mobilize repression and sublimation both defense mechanism to cope with the anxiety , and anxiety sublimation to own poetry . Chapter III focuses on the two aspects Keats'Poetry is the Keats depicted two female characters motherly women and treacherous women and Keats'Poetry healing theme . Discussion of the relationship between Keats experienced trauma to their poetry come to such a conclusion , the poetry of Keats , especially the the healing theme is the description of the two women and their poetry Keats means of self- healing . Further , a more general conclusions can be drawn , that literary creation can be a means of self - healing .

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