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Research on the Relationship Between England and Israel(1948-1973)

Author QiShuJie
Tutor FuShiMing
School Guangxi Normal University
Course World History
Keywords England Israel Middle East Arab
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Historically, England once kindly treated the Jews, but England also expelled them. After the building of Israel in 1948, their relationship becomes a kind of international relation. Before their relationship became indifferent in 1973, Relationship between England and Israel was curvous and tortuous. In view of the lack of special and comprehensive research on Relationship between England and Israel in domestic academic circles from 1948 to 1973, author intends to analyze the evolvement, reveal the essence, and grasp its features and regularities.Before Israel became a state, relationship between England and Israel had varied from kind to bad. England once was kind to Jews, but drave out of Jews from Britain. After World War I, England supported the Zionist movement at one time, but Britain limited Jews to immigrate to Palestine. Their experience has a great effect on relationship between England and Israel in the future.After the building of Israel, England and Israel was during the relational downturn from 1948 to 1958. The main characteristic of their relationship is unconcerned and hostile, especially military sales, England often turned down Israeli weaponry requests. Relationship between England and Israel began to warm from 1958 to the Six days War in 1967, it was mainly embodied in British policy of selling vast arms to Israel. Moreover, England once gave up low posture about the Arab-Israeli issue and publicly supported Israel before the Six days War. However, their relation changed soon. After outbreak of the Six days War, England was subjected to all kinds of sanctions from Arab States. To get rid of sanctions, England began to adjust its policy to Israel, so that their relationship went from bad to worse, and argued with each other. As a result, their relation had reached the lowest point since the middle of the fifties. The main reasons to the phenomenon include political and economic factors. Economic factors are embargo of oil, closure of the Suez Canal and withdrawal of sterling reserves.It should be noted that relationship between England and Israel deteriorated day by day in the ten years after outbreak of the Six days War, but England kept arms trade with Israel. After 1973, British status greatly decline in the middle east area, British foreign policy gradually keep pace with the European Community countries after joining European Community, their strategic value promptly descend in each other’s eyes, so their relationship become increasingly unconcerned, effect on international relation greatly depreciate.By the above analysis, we will find some regularities. First of all, evolution of the relationship between England and Israel is closely related to the strategy of England in the Middle East area and the world. Then, the essence of their relation is the contention of interests, but idea also is very important. Finally, relationship between England and Israel is related to the strength of Israel.

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