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Glimpse of the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty Sports poetry from the Tang Dynasty sports theme

Author JingFang
Tutor PanShaoWei
School Yangzhou University
Course Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords Sports theme Poems in the Tang Dynasty Tang Dynasty Sports Performance Prosperity Reason
CLC G812.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Tang Dynasty period of great development both ancient poetry, but also sports an unprecedented period of prosperity. Tang Dynasty poetry to describe the sports theme, not only to the sports activities of the ruling class elites and folk sports activities are also reflected in poetry. The sheer number of these poems from all angles Datang Sports flourishing scene in front of us, the description of the sport, rich in content, are previously unmatched. Literature is a reflection of the social life. The reason why so many sports theme poetry in the Tang Dynasty Tang Dynasty Sports development, unprecedented prosperity are inseparable. The Grand Sports prosperity not only in sports based on the previous big improvement and innovation, and sports spread to all levels of society, especially women's sports flourished, to further promote the Tang Dynasty Sports peaked. Sport as an important part of the social activities of the Tang Dynasty, through poetry in this way becomes the real text offspring passed down through generations, and help us to understand the development of social sports through these text data. By literary works about sports Description to understand a period of a social sports development, the development of sports activities for men of letters creative material to enrich the content of the work. First of all, I read a lot of literature, poetry books, Tang Dynasty poetry to describe the sports theme of the sort and classify. Sports theme in the Tang Dynasty poetry reflected from various angles of Physical Education in the Tang Dynasty, related to all aspects of sports, including the number of participants and to carry out a variety of projects, Tang Dynasty all sectors of society in sports love and attention. Literature is the reaction of the real-life, a period of literary works to some extent reflects the social style of that era. In the second part of the article, the author by extracting the sports theme of poetry which the description of the sports material, analysis of these poems recorded at the time of sports development, performance flourishing scene of Datang Sports Glimpse of the Tang Dynasty, from the description of sports activities in these sports theme Poems Sports prosperity. It is because of the unprecedented prosperity of the Tang Dynasty Sports to provide a broader themes in poetry, will appear in the Tang Dynasty so many poems describe the sports theme. These poems, we can better understand the Tang Dynasty Sports information. Read these poems, you can see the the poetry real sports detailed records, personnel and technical skills fantastic description on sports participation, and praise for the prosperity and development of the Grand Sports. The third part of the article, the author of the sports theme in the Tang Dynasty poetry, as well as the cause of the prosperity of sports during this period. Tang Dynasty period of China's feudal society, highly developed, the rulers adopt an open policy, making the Tang Dynasty politically developed a high degree of economic development, cultural, social and other aspects of life have made great progress, the whole community is thriving scene . The ancient sports It is in this social environment ushered in its peak. Development of sport at the same time enriching the creative theme of poetry, a lot of left to future generations description sports theme poetry, a true and reliable information for the study of the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty Sports.

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