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Analysis on Principles and Realization of High-power Coherent Semiconductor Laser Arrays

Author QiXiaoDong
Tutor WangLiJun
School Graduate Schoo,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Course Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords Semiconductor laser array Coherent Phase-locked High-power Surface-emitting distributed feedback laser
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In this paper, a high-power coherent semiconductor laser array of potential applications in coherent lidar as the background , system analysis principle and realization method of a semiconductor laser coherent array surface-emitting distributed feedback laser unit , using the optical lattice structure ultimately the formation of a high-power semiconductor coherent laser array , and the corresponding design structure , parameter optimization , Finally, future research framework . The paper, based on the principles and laser beam coherent array theory , that the coherent laser arrays to achieve essentially the array within the phase-locked coherent implementation . Article by comparative analysis application target and the semiconductor laser array coherent performance limits, that semiconductor coherent laser array of difficulties essentially by the physical properties of the semiconductor material itself and the semiconductor technology level decision . Come to realize practical coherent arrays need to use the appropriate unit of laser and phase-locked array coupling scheme , and through additional linewidth compression mechanism to gradually compress the laser linewidth . Wherein the type of the laser unit and singlemode performance ultimately determines the maximum coherent properties of the coherent laser array . Through analysis of the existing implementations that surface-emitting distributed feedback (SE-DFB) lasers can be used as high-power array coherent unit ; based on the the light lattice structure of the waveguide resonance principle as universal array coupling structure . The paper coherent array structure and SE-DFB laser unit design structure , coupled mode theory to verify its good performance of high-power single-mode , and optimize the grating duty cycle and other parameters , and pointed out that this type of laser lack of opportunity. Finally, proposed the use of non - rectangular grating to form a the device closed loop design platform and to establish the concept of the new online real-time monitoring system to improve its performance , and to promote its eventual realization .

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