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Deep Continental Drilling Rig Top Drive Hydraulic System Design and Research Summary

Author LiuLiNa
Tutor YuPing
School Jilin University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Continental Scientific Drilling The fully hydraulic top drive unit Slewing mechanism Optimal Design The LUDV motor synchronization system
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Reveal the deep crustal evolution of the drilling is secret, looking for underground resources, and mitigation of environmental protection key. Since the 1970s, many developed countries were launched, the deep and ultra-deep scientific drilling exploration program, through the "opened" surface cover, the sightlines to the deep crust, to obtain significant results. Currently, a variety of new hydraulic drive and electric drive drilling rig drilling rig has been launched in some countries abroad, they are drilling exploration played an important role. The rig is equipped with top drive unit has become a trend, and its comparison to the traditional rotary drilling has many advantages. In the international market, with a top drive drilling unit with a great mechanical advantage, top drive unit has become the new technologies of modern drilling equipment, and the top drive unit in the use of range, performance, driving the form and mode of transmission has made significant improvements, has become an integrated and comprehensive set of hydraulic oil drilling equipment.Driven top drive can be divided into two categories:Hydraulic top drive and electric top drive, hydraulic top drive now is a good a driver type. Hydraulic drive to the whole rig in the direction of the hydraulic drive, top drive power utilization is relatively high. The world’s most advanced drilling companies to use more fully hydraulic drive type. Hydraulic drive drilling rig is to develop a new model, while the hydraulic motor to drive multiple low-power development.To meet the increase of deep hard rock drilling continental scientific drilling speed, requires the use of impregnated diamond bits, high speed is a major drilling process parameters, need to develop high-speed hydraulic top drive system. This thesis research to the mainland-based drilling rig, primary research and analysis in the host system hydraulic drilling rig top drive body, in analyzing the top drive development, structure and composition, based on its study of the following aspects:Describes the role of top drive drilling system, characteristics and development of domestic and international profile. Analysis of the top drive drilling composition and structure; Top drive unit for performance parameters for the analysis and calculation, and determine the main technical parameters; on the top drive hydraulic system is analyzed; Focus on the design of the rotary top drive system hydraulic circuit, and the oil on the circuit, oil pressure and return line has been optimized to reduce pipeline energy loss; The rotating mechanism used in the main control hydraulic system for the load independent flow distribution (LUDV) control system, using AMESIM software modeling, simulation of the motor synchronization system, and finally arrive at the synchronization accuracy of simulation conclusions.Domestic and foreign compared to the top drive unit, there is still a big gap in performance, the hydraulic top drive system of research, this system is universal and outsourcing of innovation and integration devices, for China Continental Scientific Drilling deep to provide a full range of leading international standard of professional rig, research and development with independent intellectual property rights of top drive units to achieve the top drive equipment made in China.

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