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Research on ASP Flooding Oil Pipeline Ultrasonic Eliminating Scale Technology

Author ShiZhu
Tutor TanDingZhong
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords ASP flooding pipeline ultrasonic cleaning scale
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the crude oil industry production process, With long time running of crude oil pipelines, there are different levels of scale, especially, asp flooding scaling condition is more serious, which cause serious harm to the oil field production. The existence of scale increasingly becomes one of the key factors, which constraint to oil field high efficiency, low investment and rapid development In order to ensure stable and yield of oil fields, how to reasonably effective anti-scaling and cleaning, which has become a very important solved practical issues in the oil field development.In this paper, ASP flooding in Daqing oil field has problems in the oil production process, the study and analysis of composition of scale sample and the fouling mechanism in ASP flooding the pipeline, finding that the composition of ASP flooding scale and water flooding, polymer flooding scale is different. They are composing of the amorphous silica, silicate scale and carbonate scale, quality scale dense, hard, and difficult to remove. The fouling mechanism:Due to the underground strata by asp flooding system of alkali erosion, a large number of silicates in strata were dissolved. Concentration of silicon in ASP Produced fluid increases with the pH value. Pipelines appear serious scaling phenomenon; scaling problem for ASP flooding, proposing a new method of physical cleaning scale, which is ultrasonic eliminating scale; And study and analysis of ultrasonic anti-scaling and fouling mechanism. Ultrasonic has the effect of cavitations and mechanical shear. They can break down, decompose the scale deposited in the pipe, and prevent the aggregation of small particles and Scale crystal growth. Mechanical shear has a cleaning effect for the pipe wall; destruction of the scale deposited. They can effectively cleaning scale. The study of Ultrasonic transducer working principle and properties, the research and design of the magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducer, including the design transducer oscillator, the design and simulation of amplitude stem; the research and design of the magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducer drive circuit; Manufacturing the magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducer; Doing on-site installation experiments for ultrasonic cleaning scale devices designed.Field experimental results show that ultrasonic cleaning device designed for removing the scale deposited on the pipe wall has a good effect;cleaning rate can reach 95%, and on the scale deposited on the inner wall of the pipeline are also good preventive effect.

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