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Preparation of One-dimensional Nano TiO2 and Study on the Decolorization of Dyeing Wastewater

Author LiuJiMing
Tutor XiaShuMei
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords TiO2 nanotube Magnetic Dy doping Methylene Blue wastewater
CLC TB383.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Nano TiO2 is highly favored by researchers for its special properties. It has applications in the production of solar batteries and also can be used in the realm of environmental engineering, as a effective catalyst in the photo-catalytical treatment of wastewater. In this paper, TiO2 nanotube doped with Dy and Dy doped magnetic TiO2 nanotube carried by nano NiFe2O4 magnetic carrier were prepared, and effects of preparing conditions on the configuration and composition of the nanotube were studied with XRD, TEM, XPS and DSC-TG methods. The relationship between the composition and structure of the nanotube and its photo-catalytical performance was discussed, and its decolorization capability of dyeing wastewater was also studied.TiO2 nanotube doped with Dy was prepared using TiO2 as raw material by Hydrothermal Method. The testing results of XRD, TEM and XPS showed that the external diameter of the nanotube was 12 nm, the wall thickness was 3 nm, the length was 300 nm and the main composition of the nanotube were TiO2 and titanate. Dy was doped into TiO2 crystal lattice and existed in the form of Dy2 TiO5. The experimental results of photo-catalytical degradation of Methylene Blue wastewater showed that:for the precursor of which the molar doping ratio was 0.8%, after calcinated under 360℃and then a hydrothermal reaction for 48 hours, the prepared TiO2 nanotube achieved a removal capability of 149.6 mg/g when applied to the treatment of 100 mg/L Methylene Blue wastewater.Magnetic material NiFe2O4 was prepared with Liquid Phase Deposition Method. Dy doped magnetic TiO2 nanotube was prepared using TiO2/NiFe2O4 as raw material by Hydrothermal Method.The testing results of XRD, TEM and XPS showed that this nano TiO2 exhibited a tubular configuration with external diameter of 13.5 nm, wall thickness of 2.5 nm and length of 350 nm. Fe and Ni were not detected on the surface, which indicated that NiFe2O4 might had entered into the nanotube, and the nanotube exhibited weakly magnetism. The optimum molar doping ratio of Dy was 0.3% after the magnetic ion was doped. The Methylene Blue removal capability of the Dy doped magnetic TiO2 nanotube was 88 mg/g. The doping of NiFe2O4 increased the catalyst recovery rate to 95.6%.

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