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The Narrative Features of Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul’s Novel a House for Mr. Biswas

Author LiZuo
Tutor SongHuiLing
School Hebei Normal
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Mr. Biswas 's house Narratology Narrative features Application analysis of narrative theory
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature dimensional Sue Naipaul was born in Trinidad and Tobago, an Indian immigrant families. Although the family was poor, but quite literary talent, he won a scholarship, able to complete their studies at the University of Oxford. After graduation, he began to immigrants living in Trinidad and Tobago and around the world travel theme of literary creation. In 2001, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. This thesis to study the text \He is Trinidad a sugarcane plantations owned by the descendants of the Indian labor, birth is considered the the grams Father \Biswas in poverty and squalor, struggling to grow up, get married and after his wife, her parents had with host not own property. His to jealousy efforts, when a news reporter, and finally bought a shabby old house. Sadly, soon after, he died of a heart attack. The often said narratology usually classic narratology 1960s. Todorov, Genette, Roland Barthes, Greimas, Bremond narratologist, of the older generation to the depth of analysis of narrative text story and discourse, beginning with narratology to all over the world via the French Development become a theory in the field of literary theory. Late narratology by computer technology, the development of post-modernism, feminism, and gradually grow into new narratology. Undeniable classic narratology as a tool of analysis of literary works, and its role is still not negligible. Appropriate use of narrative techniques is necessary, as a novel, or the author can not organize information involves numerous narrative. Typical example, in this thesis hope to select \understanding of narrative theory. Naipaul in his book \the feelings of the characters; author also substantial and appropriate application of flashbacks, plug Syria different narrative timing, which makes the usually tedious and tasteless novel even more concise; Naipaul takes into account Mr. Biswas personal narrative process, Fig. Wales family history of the rise and fall of India's overseas colonies from an agricultural society to industrial society's transition three parallel narrative thread, which greatly enriched the content of the novel and its thinking more deeply; same time, the authors also used a hybrid narrative perspective mode of discourse, so that the character's personality, language and behavior is even more authentic and lifelike. It can be said, \the works of understanding. But this one from the perspective of literary, ideological, or literary theory a very good job and works in China has not been more widely recognized, there is no more informative research; its narrative characteristics also did not get the complete summary. Therefore, I very much hope that by writing this thesis, try to fill this gap. Hope that more scholars and readers can appreciate this work of \

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