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A Spatial Context Perspective to Interpretation

Author PanZuo
Tutor PengLiYuan
School Hunan University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords natural space social space psychological space interpretation
CLC H059
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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From the spatial context perspective, this thesis analyzes the relationship between context and interpretation on the basis of the interpretation of Premier Wen’s speech at the press conference of the Third Session of the Eleventh National People’s Congress.Space features heavily in language and language translation and interpretation. In recent years, increasing people have started to study their relations from different perspectives. The relationship between space and interpretation studied in this thesis is based on Professor Peng Liyuan’s viewpoint of space-time of context.This thesis introduces the previous research about the relationship between context and interpretation before pointing out their limitations. Then foreign and domestic studies of context theory are going to be reviewed, and the background and significance of spatial context analyzed. It points out that the researches about the influence of space on translation are not done from the perspective of spatial context, and it also shows that the elements of context space have not been proved to have close relationships with translation. The classification of space will be given next. The space of context is divided into natural space, social space and psychological space. Natural space is about the relationship between human beings and nature. In this thesis, natural space of Wen’s space includes the field of politics, the field of economy and the field of diplomacy. Social space refers to the relationship among human beings and based on the degree of human being’s relationship, and in this thesis, social space includes the background and stances of the participants and some cultural factors. Psychological space is about people’s experience and cognition of natural and social space, and in this thesis, psychological space of Wen’s speech deals with the political attitude, understanding of state situation, world affairs and accomplishment of culture of the addresser. Through analysis, this thesis may conclude that:The space-time theory of context is the further development of spatial context theory; Similarities and particularities of space affect interpretation: the technique of literal interpretation can be adopted when there are similarities in space, while the technique of literal interpretation with amplification and technique of liberal interpretation can be used when there are particularities in space; Space affects interpreter as well. To be an excellent interpreter, he/she should make great efforts to learn and understand the natural space, social space and psychological space.The context space is a comparatively new direction to study interpretation, so there is still room for improvement. The author hopes that through the analysis in this paper that the spatial theory of context can be consummated and further developed.

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