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Research about Classification of Horqin Shaman Song of God

Author BaiFengLan
Tutor Ma·WuNiWuLan
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature
Keywords Horqin Shaman Sacred Songs Species Characteristic
CLC J607
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The paper uses the method of literary theory, text analysis, classification Horqin the Shaman of God song, classification study to explain its origins, characteristics of regional literature, impact and contribution to society. Article by introduction, text, notes, references, additional information. Introduction, combing the related research results of this project, and to clarify the significance of the research, innovation, and research methods. Chapter, was born by the Mongolian the Meng Gusa shamanism formation start, through the generation of the the Horqin Introduction and Horqin Shamanism, discusses the origins of shamanism in Horqin, characteristics and worship of all life forms: natural creatures, Aung Dagon creatures, totem creatures Zu Ling. The second chapter, this chapter is the main part of the paper, but also with the ink part. This chapter text analysis of the collected the Horqin Shaman God song material classification. Horqin the Shaman of God song reflects the content of the different Horqin Shaman God song: the totem worship God song the Zu Xianchong worship songs, to nature worship God song, Aung Dagon worship god song etiquette God song, healing God song and other types. Explained enrich the content of the Horqin the Shaman of God song, full range, huge amounts, deeply rooted in the worship time, steps, characteristics and God in people's lives in the Horqin song echoes the form of features. Chapter Horqin the Shaman of God songs from a literary point of view analysis and Horqin the Shaman of God song has summed up the characteristics of folk literature of oral transmission, variability, legends, rhythmic, and heredity. Show the uniqueness of the Horqin the Shaman of God song in the form of expression, such as: ① God song's characters vivid; ② God song made good use of the the anthropomorphic approach; ③ God songs utilize good Lippo, folk performance form; ④ God song is a combination of dance, song, music integrated forms of artistic expression. Its geographical and cultural characteristics, such as: grazing culture, agricultural and cultural features influenced by Buddhism, hunting cultural imprint. Its social impact and role, such as: direct benefit role to convey information role, giving entertainment role, urging teach role. Finally, the full text from the field of view of religion, literature, sociology, concluding discourse.

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