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German copyright law to modify and implementation of research

Author ShiZuo
Tutor ZhangJin
School China University of Political Science
Course Economic Law
Keywords German copyright law Private copy and compensation system The works of unknown use the Type Library Mediation System
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Current German copyright law implemented in 1966 to adjust the copyright laws of the relationship between the common law of the Implementation of the Law of Copyright Law. The law was passed in 1985 as a computer program of providing protection to further improve the protection of the copyright status of the equipment tax provisions of copiers and blank tape. In 1990, through the enactment of anti-piracy laws to increase efforts to crack down on piracy and infringement, and to extend the term of protection of neighboring rights of performers to 70 years. Into the twentieth century, the integration process of the EU copyright law gradually accelerated in 2001, the EU issued instructions to modify the domestic law of the Member States within a certain period, in order to achieve consistent of the Copyright Law of the EU countries, and promote the development of the information society of the Copyright Law. Germany, as one of the most important forces in the EU in this context of the country's copyright law be modified to ensure the execution of the instruction in their completed within the deadline. The first part of this paper describes the overview of the German Copyright Law, the second part of a concrete analysis of the German Information Society copyright law reform process and law enforcement. German Information Society copyright law changes are mainly divided into three stages, three stages are named \The first stage of modifying the introduction of new \The focus of the second phase of modifications: 1, to adjust its compensation system for private copying; 2 additional works unknown type of right to use; 3, copy the behavior of the educational institutions and libraries electronic copy transmission strictly limited; 4 voluntary mediation system, the introduction of a copyright dispute. The third stage modify the still ongoing. The focus of this paper is to analyze the information society in Germany's second stage of the reform of copyright law changes, including the status of implementation of this stage to modify the key terms of the interpretation and effect to the provisions of. The third part will be a brief introduction to China's ongoing \A brief discussion, the problem may be revised to make a few suggestions and contrast Germany considerations angle and approach for the same problem. Finally, to conclude, by understanding the German copyright law to modify its implementation, reflection of China's relevant laws and amendments should uphold the basic principles and approach.

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