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Research on the Drawing Technology of Tyre Bead Wires and Aperture Design of the Drawing Die

Author JiaChunYang
Tutor LiuHong
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords tyre bead wires drawing technology drawing die FEA optimization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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To solve the problems of high probability of wire breakage,rapid wearing of the drawing die and low probability of qualified wires etc.during the drawing process of tyre bead wires,the analysis on the basic structure of the die,the main wearing forms of the die,and the force produced in working state were carried out with the key factors influencing the drawing effects. The technical requirements of the tyre bead wires and the technical specifications of the rough wires -which endure the tensile forces,compressing forces and twisting forces-were clarified, and the production technology of tyre bead wires was studied.Based on the technical parameter determining rules of tyre bead wire drawing,calculation and analysis of the drawing technology were conducted.The rationality of the technical parameters(such as drawing procedure and drawing passes) of the tyre bead wires ofφ1.00 mm in an enterprise was validated.To optimize the structure of the drawing die,the structural parameters of the original drawing dies with linear aperture of some passes were first measured with a 3DSS three dimensional grating projection scanner,and then the disadvantages of the die were analyzed. Guided by the basic design rules of linear aperture drawing dies,the structure of the drawing dies was redesigned,and the aperture grinding technology was established.The length of the radius deciding section,the taper angle of the working section and the operating procedure of the aperture grinding were standardized,which ameliorated the problems existed in aperture grinding process.As a result,the drawing die consumption was reduced from 0.16 dies per ton to 0.09 dies per ton.In this study,aiming at the drawing die of each pass reducing the tyre bead wires fromφ3.50 mm toφ1.00 mm,the dies with new apertures expressed by exponential function y =αebx+ c from the entrance section to working section were designed based on analysis conducted by ANSYS software.The stress distribution produced during the drawing process was simulated,and the comparison between the die with original aperture and the die with new aperture was made according to the simulation results.The results show that the stress concentration within the drawing die with new apertures is evidently ameliorated than that within the drawing die with original apertures.The experimental results also validate that the application of the drawing dies with new apertures can reduce the average electric current of the electromotor,reduce the wire temperature,and decrease the oversize radius of the product.It reveals that the drawing dies with new apertures can reduce the drawing force,and hence reduce the friction heat.It also effectively proves that appropriate apertures are important to the die wearing reduction,the alleviation of wire breakage during drawing,the improvement of the product quality and the energy saving and emission reduction.

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