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Mine modeling study and analysis of the electric wheel vehicle operating efficiency and maintenance costs

Author HuMingZhen
Tutor GuoNianQin
School Jiangxi University of Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Electric wheel car Operational efficiency Maintenance costs Economic life Overhaul cycle
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Integrated multidisciplinary research of the subject, including the economic management of modern equipment, mathematical statistics, equipment management, industrial technology economics and so on. Research based on the Dexing Copper Mine, Jiangxi Copper Company Limited electric wheel car run maintenance cost data to establish the mathematical model to find out the law, put forward a strategy to reduce costs, promote mining enterprises in the market economy system, the transformation of the traditional cost management concept, the use of modern state-of-the-art methods of cost control, improving economic efficiency and core competitiveness. Research collected Dexing Copper Mine electric wheel car running and maintenance costs from 1997 to 2005, a large number of data, fitting for a multi-vehicle electric wheel car model car, build model cars mathematical model of the life cycle, and discusses the scientific assessment Mine electric wheel car maintenance cost of the new method and comprehensive application of modern equipment economic management theory, the number of reasonable statistical regression analysis, etc., to establish a electric wheel car routine maintenance costs, operating costs, downtime and desk when the operating rate mathematical model analysis of the cost of changes in law, put forward a strategy to cut costs and reduce downtime. The study found that large domestic electric wheel vehicle downtime should be to cause mining enterprises attach great importance to improve the operational efficiency and economic benefits of large-scale equipment. Determine the electric wheel car first overhaul period of 3.82 years, the evaluation of the electric wheel auto overhaul unreasonable and uneconomical; combined stope electric wheel car generally useful life of 15 years is not reasonable, scientific predictions assessment of electric wheel vehicle economic life of 11 years; same time, according to domestic and foreign equipment economic management, electric wheel car economic management status and trends, combined with the management of the status quo of the Dexing Copper Mine stopes electric wheel car, improve electric wheel car run recommendations and measures of efficiency. Through to identify electric wheel car run on electric wheel car running efficiency and maintenance cost modeling research and analysis, the law of maintenance costs, electric wheel vehicles to further optimize the management, reasonable operation of the electric wheel car, overhaul and update the proposed reliable mathematical model based on the most economical to reach the equipment life cycle cost. On the basis of the above studies, using Visual Basic6.0 to combine SQL Sever2000 database, developed an electric wheel car running efficiency and maintenance cost modeling and analysis system. The system the content main two of three parts: data entry, statistical calculations, cost modeling and analysis. Data collection, establish a dynamic model, cost analysis predicted functions, positive significance to strengthen the electric wheel vehicle maintenance management and reduce the electric wheel vehicle maintenance costs, improve the copper mine economic efficiency and productivity.

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