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Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium Trisilicate by Reverse Strike Method

Author FengLing
Tutor YangRu
School Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Course Materials Science
Keywords Trisilicate Titration order Hydrous magnesium silicate Nitrogen adsorption Pore ??structure The surface acid active sites Adsorption properties
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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By Na 2 O · nSiO 2 and Mg ( NO 3 < / sub > ) 2 three precipitated synthetic silicate magnesium. Using XRD, IR, TG / DTA, BET, pyridine adsorption and Asian methyl blue adsorption and other characterization means , examine the order of the feedstock , acidification and calcining process of sample crystallinity degree of surface functional groups , surface texture , pore structure , surface acidity and adsorption the performance impact of the law and its impact mechanism . The results showed that the the , different titration sequence and different activation methods obtained samples are amorphous substances . Titration sequence texture on the surface of the sample had a significant effect , the pore size of the respective samples showed a multimodal distribution of Mg ( NO 3 < / sub >) 2 was added dropwise Na 2 < / sub> O the nSiO 2 sample solution synthesis of microporous materials below 3 nm pore surface area up to 568.93 m 2 · g -1 , hydrous magnesium silicate content . Na 2 O · nSiO 2 was added dropwise to Mg (NO 3 ) 2 sample solution synthesis big hole material 179.40m 2 · g -1 , a specific surface area of ??reduced content of hydrous magnesium silicate . Improve the degree of crystallinity of the sample was calcined , the expansion of the sample bore , in the hole content increased , the surface texture tends to stabilize , the formation of mesoporous materials . Acid treatment so that the Mg 2 H , formed on the surface of the silicon hydroxyl groups surface texture tends developed , disappear ultramicropore , the material in the hole , there is a small number of large holes . Calcination and acidification can improve the surface of the sample of the total amount of acid and B acid and L acid reduction . Methylene blue adsorption amount of each sample surface texture law is not exactly the same , indicating that the pore structure is not the only factor to affect the adsorption properties of the sample , the type of acid active sites , the number of samples as well as strong and weak on adsorption properties have a certain impact .

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