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Law from perspective to see the government pricing

Author ZuoYun
Tutor WangYuMei
School China University of Political Science
Course Economic Law
Keywords Economic Law Idea Government Price
CLC D922.294
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Government pricing including two kinds of government guidance and government pricing. According to the Price Law of the People's Republic of China, the government guidance and government pricing applies to a significant relationship with the development of the national economy and people's lives a handful of commodity prices, resource scarcity prices of a few commodities, naturally monopolized commodity prices, it is important for Natural Resources and Energy price of prices, it is important to public welfare services. Although China has initially established mainly formed by the market price mechanism in the country's macroeconomic regulation and control, price control has been very small proportion of the total retail sales of social commodities (It is estimated that the proportion of government pricing in 2009 accounted for about 4%), the but government pricing species mostly relating to the national economy and strategic resource commodities, the effective development of this part of the price of goods is no longer simply the means of market regulation, become the means of the government's macro-economic regulation and control. Into the deep water price reform, the interests of all parties needs of diverse, complex situation, the government set prices, not only to consider the cost of production, energy scarcity, but also consider the macro-economic situation, consumer affordability a variety of factors, many legal departments, economic law because of its unique balance and coordination, comprehensive adjustment function can often play in the government to deal with such complex issues focused on the vital effect. Therefore, from the economic law perspective on government pricing behavior research and propose practical measures recommended, has important practical significance. With the cost of the promotion and the scarcity of resources, such as the long term, the price shown a rising trend, if the government intervention through price correct expression, to maintain low prices, distorting price signals to undermine the laws of the market value of the producers' enthusiasm for production hit will inevitably lead to a lack of public goods, affecting the normal development of the economy; government raised a public commodity prices or let the \This produces a dilemma: how to price adjustment and control inflation, the protection of people's livelihood, promote conservation to strike a balance between? Proved, from the point of view of private law can not solve this problem, only economic law idea to coordination to achieve that balance the interests of all parties to protect the interests of society as a whole. In recent years, Beijing has adjusted the price of water, electricity, gas price, supporting the launch of a government subsidy in the price adjustment process, cost constraints, price changes, adjust the linkage mechanism with the minimum standard income normal growth mechanism and a series of policy measures, the development of production security of supply, reassuring played a positive role. This article is intended to be the work of the Beijing Municipal Government Pricing, for example, a brief analysis of the economic law idea embodied in them. Taking into account the economic law idea to achieve the interests of the society as a whole, balance, social standard, and other characteristics, using theoretical analysis and empirical analysis of this thesis, a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis method, starting from the concept and content of economic law idea recommend measures to conduct a thorough investigation and legal analysis of the government pricing work, and on this basis to improve the government's pricing work. In accordance with the above ideas paper is divided into three chapters, respectively successive discusses the theory of economic law idea, the principle of the government pricing reflected in the work of the Economic Law, the measures recommended. Since the topic of this paper coincides with the international financial crisis continued to spread, the domestic consumer price index (CPI) continue to rise, the price has become the most prominent problem in the economy and society, at all levels of government price control measures continue to strengthen the social parties the deepening and raise awareness of the problem face of government price regulation has become more in-depth study of the theoretical community the Economic Law society as a whole and interests, and also continue to improve the content of the papers. Limited my ability and effort, the paper there are still many problems, such as the study of the theory even further deepen, the collection of relevant data is not comprehensive enough. Another proposed policy measures also need to be more specific, more targeted, such as a lot of content in the future will further complement and improve.

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