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FPGA-based gas turbine clearance measurement of dynamic

Author SunShiXian
Tutor MaHuiPing
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Instrument Science and Technology
Keywords Gas turbine Dynamic Clearance Optical fiber FPGA
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the rapid development of modern science and technology, machinery manufacturing and related industries on the increasingly high requirements. Dynamic detection of gas turbine gap existing detection techniques for the industry in a difficulty. Reflective light intensity fiber optic displacement sensor has the outlook of small, lightweight, no electromagnetic interference, high temperature, etc., which fiber optic sensors in rotating machinery vibration measurement has a high practical value. FPGA with its powerful, the development process less investment, short period, can be repeatedly modified and development tools and intelligent features of programmable logic devices become the preferred design of the device. Especially in the 21st century, there has been large-scale, highly integrated FPGA, monolithic integrated development from the original door to several thousands one hundred thousand or even one hundred thousand, and thus the emergence of a new FPGA design thinking - an electronic system will integrate a FPGA, namely SOPC. Currently the most representative and most mature soft-core embedded system processor when the number of Altera's NiosII nucleus. This dynamic clearance measurements of rotating machinery conducted in-depth research, including the following content: dynamic clearance measurement development in the world; reflective light intensity fiber optic displacement sensor in the gas turbine dynamic clearance Measurement; reflective light emphasizes fiber displacement sensor system sensing characteristic analysis; rotating machinery dynamics clearance measurement hardware circuit research and development. Designed with reflective light intensity optical fiber sensors measure displacement to FPGA circuit control chip, for gas turbine blade dynamic clearance measurement system. The system can distinguish between the various gas turbine engine blades, each blade of the beating gap measure. In the preparation of FPGA control logic aspects, namely, using the state machine based on the traditional thought and contemporary popular NiosII soft-core processor based on the idea. In the computer software to Visual C development platform, real-time measurement data processing, display and save. Display includes data display and curve graph display, in order to achieve visual effect. Design of real-time detection of rotating machinery dynamics gap photovoltaic systems, anti-interference ability, blade dynamic measurement range of 0 ~ 4mm, accuracy up to 20μm; application software can be real-time measurement, fast processing, data storage, measurement dynamic graphical display.

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