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Design and Analysis of Solar Arrays Mechanism for Resuable Lock-Up and Release

Author HuaDaoLan
Tutor LiuRongQiang
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords solar array reusable lock-up and release flexible bodies analysis modal analysis
CLC V423
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Solar arrays need to gather up by side of spacecraft when spacecraft launch, and deploy in the working orbit. Because of complex of aerospace and tremendous power demands, the solar arrays make up by several solar panels. When the solar array completely deployed, it need to be locked to gain stiffness, by also when the aerospace change its orbits, the solar array must release its solar arrays and gather up the solar arrays when completely changed orbits. In order to implement the purpose which suppose by above , we must to develop the solar array reusable lock-up and release equipment. The equipment will be used in spacecraft, some factors must be satisfy: lightweight, better stiffer, reusable, high reliability. It is has a lot of deals to complete the spacecraft mission.This paper describes the design of the solar array deploy, lock-up and release mechanism we have completed. The key technology of solar array also been analyzed. The mechanism that we manufactured fully fulfill the demands of the deployment and reliable lock-up of the solar array. It is meets the release demands and high stiffness and precision is also in control.Regards to spacecraft, some factors, must be satisfied. Those factors include: lightweight, better stiffer, reusable, high reliability. The design mechanism fulfill the factors which show above . To some key components, as spring pin, we analyze, compare, simulate and redesign. This paper also refers to foreign design and learn from experience to optimize the equipment.Compared with other parts ,such as hinges in stiffness, solar panels were the flexible parts. Solar panels were take as flexible bodies, the flexible deformation of the rotation and translation of the theory of deformation be learn.Ultimately derived from a tree cut off hinges system under the impact equation,flexible solar wings under the impact of the design parameters were calculated. Import the model into ADAMS for simulate analysis. Flexible parts were produce in the finite element software and use ADAMS / FLEX to analysis by the introduction of flexible solar panels to replace the original model and model of rigid solar panels. Compare the rigid solar panels, flexible solar panels and flexible simulation. Based on the model which improved and analyzed, tested and verified the structure of the feasibility and reliability and completed the manufacture of the prototype. Last, model experiment and function test were carried out .

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