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Design and Implementation of Embedded Multi-parameter Intelligent Evironment Monitoring Systems

Author ZhaoGan
Tutor YuLi;DongHui
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords Environmental Monitoring System ARM Linux operating system Physical signal filtering Moving target detection
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the social development and the progress of science and technology, as well as people's awareness of environmental protection, environmental safety has become the focus of attention. Environmental elements in everyday life, such as the monitoring of air, drinking water for healthy living is crucial; industrial production, transport, storage areas, the relevant parameters need to be monitored, especially direct impact on product quality is the key indicators. Parameter abnormal, the environmental monitoring system capable of real-time alarm and notify the relevant personnel to take necessary measures in order to avoid significant losses. Therefore, the real-time monitoring of the environment has important practical significance. Currently, environmental monitoring equipment toward intelligent, diverse applications direction, single physical signal monitoring in the traditional sense, has been unable to adapt to this trend, so the research and development of multi-parameter intelligent, low-cost embedded environment intelligent monitoring system has important theoretical significance and application value, it is in this context, the proposed core ARM microprocessor and embedded Linux operating system embedded the environment intelligent monitoring system, to achieve a complex physical signals and multi- real-time monitoring of video signal transmission, at the same time, combined with the completion of the physical signal filtering and moving target detection algorithm intelligent alarm system, intelligent environmental monitoring system, network and systematic. The main work and research results of this paper are as follows: embedded multi-parameter environmental monitoring system needs analysis based on the design of the overall system hardware architecture, using the ARM9 microprocessor the S3C2440A build hardware platform, the completion of the USB interface circuit design and realization of the network interface, serial port, power modules, transplantation U-BOOT, Linux operating system, complete system platform software and hardware development. 2. Development environment signal acquisition, display, alarm and transmission in one application. Physical signal danger signals detected alarm. For a video signal, the collected images transmitted over the network to the PC side simultaneously decode and display environmental detection platform, and then moving target detection, intelligent alarm. Environmental monitoring parameters of a single, physical signal processing shortcomings deviation the sliding average filtering and limiting filter combination. Experimental results show that the algorithm restore the data from the complex physical signal value is closer to the environment the true value. So that the the abnormal signal the alarm more stable and reliable. Requirements for multi-channel video surveillance for a large amount of video data signal with a moving target detection method improved inter-frame difference method and background subtraction combined overcome poor adaptability background, shadows interfere with moving object extraction empty shortcomings, intelligent monitoring requirements. Summary of the research for this article, and the need for further research and improved.

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