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On Indoctrination Function of Mass Media

Author TianHuiZuo
Tutor LiuHuaiGuang
School Henan Normal
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Mass Media Enlightenment Business model Solution path
CLC G206.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, the mass media as an emerging information delivery tool has a close relationship with people. It deep into our daily life, work and study, changing the way we live, work methods and ways of thinking. Scholars at home and abroad, the mass media have environmental monitoring, coordination of social, cultural heritage, recreation and leisure, the four functions, these four functions, respectively, have different effects on the ideological and political education work. First, it is able to monitor young people's ideological dynamic, more targeted applied to education. Second, to help strengthen the awareness of young people's participation, improving education enthusiasm. Third, to help expand the means of education to improve the coverage of the ideological and political education. Fourth, to help open up new forms of education, strengthen ideological and political education of interesting. Important means of enlightenment is taken by the ancient society in the interests of feudal rule. Since the Enlightenment and the ideological and political education today is essentially the same, it is also known as the \The indoctrination is education Probation intended, its emphasis on ethical, it objects to the general public, focused on penetration probation. \. Because the mass media has a hidden feature, it coincides with the indoctrination fit. Can be some value point of view, behavioral norms intangibles passed to the audience, the audience unconsciously affected to generate echoes and resonance, and thus subject to indoctrination. Mass media play educate general can be divided into three types: first, through the ubiquitous media people surrounded them. Second, through a variety of form and content to attract audiences. Third, orchestrated by media organizations, and expand publicity. In addition, the traditional media, including books, newspapers, radio and television, and new media Internet each has a different civilize way. The mass media in order to ensure their economic survival and development, the operation must be carried out in accordance with the business model. Process including planning, production and consumption, and its ultimate goal is for profit. Mass media business models and enlightenment mode generates conflict and departure from, they are different in purpose, content, and results. The expansion of the business model of the mass media is reflected in the spread of unhealthy culture, including the culture of violence and the vulgar culture. Produce extremely negative negative impact on society, and the digestion mass media indoctrination function. Enlightenment mode, inhibition of the business model and the need for national media, and the public to make joint efforts to carry forward the mass media. First, to strengthen media discipline bad behavior from external constraints, and supervision of the media. Second, to strengthen self-regulation in the media. The media itself should establish a sense of discipline including indoctrination consciousness, moral consciousness and awareness of the law. Third, raise public awareness and media literacy. Only a correct understanding of the media phenomenon, in order to make good use of media to develop themselves and to express themselves.

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