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The Application of Optimal Butyric Acid, Phytase and Aflatoxin Adsorbent in Pig Industry

Author LiuLi
Tutor XiaXianLin;HeGuangZhong
School Guizhou University
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords pig phytase aflatoxin adsorbent production effect
CLC S828.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The experiment was located at Longli pig breeding farm of Tailong company about optimal butyric acid added with piglets diet,weaned piglets diet added with phytase and sow fertility diet added with aflatoxin adsorbent,in order to solve the effects of piglet diarrhea、nitrogen and phosphorus pollution from feces and aspergillus flavus pollution of feed on pig industry.We choosed 48 weaned piglets of 28 days old,which are healthy and weight close for the experiment 1,there are four groups and 12 replicates per group,and four levels of optimal butyric acid(CK,0.5%,1%,1.5%) added to their diet for 28 d.The results indicated that the average daily gain of weaned piglets were 0.376kg in groupⅠ、0.398kg in groupⅡ、0.410kg in groupⅢand 0.409kg in group 3,the groupⅡhad the greatest average daily gain in the four groups,9.04%(p<0.05 )higher than CK, 3.02%higher than group 1 and 0.24%higher than group 4;feed conversion ratio of CK、groupⅠ、groupⅡand groupⅢwere 1.75:1、1.70:1、1.67:1、1.67:1,the groupⅡhad the lowest feed conversion ratio in the four groups,4.57%(p<0.05)lower than CK,1.76%lower than groupⅠand equal to groupⅢ;diarrhea incidence of CK、groupⅠ、groupⅡand groupⅢwere 66.67%、33.33%、16.67%、33.33%,and the groupⅡhad the lowest diarrhea incidence in the four groups.There are 96 Duroc×Landrace×Yorkshire three-breed cross piglets of 30kg weight for the experiment 2,they were divided to four groups and 24 rcplicatcs per group,and four levels phytase(CK、250U/kg、500U/kg、750U/kg) added to their diet for 42 d,additional 12 DLY three-breed cross piglets for digestion trial.The result indicated that the average daily gain was 0.75kg、0.765kg、0.78kg and 0.77kg respcctiely for A、group B、group C and groupD the average daily gain of groupA、groupB and group C was respectiely 1.05%(P>0.05),4.09(P<0.05),2.64%(P>0.05) higher than groupA,CP in fece of groupB、group C and group D was respectiely 5.45%(P>0.05),8.26%(P<0.05) and 8.15%(P<0.05) lower than groupA,Ca was respectiely 1.30%(P>0.05),4.56%(P<0.01) and 3.58%(P>0.01) lower than groupA, P was respectiely 6.09%(P<0.05),9.57%(P<.01) and 6.96%(P<0.01) lower than groupA.There are 32 healthy Yorkshire multiparous sows of 5 fetal times for the experiment 3,they were divided to four groups and 8 replicates per group,and four levds penicillic toxin adsorbent(CK、0.15%、0.3%、0.45%) added to their diet,the feeding was in two phases of late pregnancy(86 d to delivery) and lactation period(0 d to 28 d).The result shows that litter size was 10.25、10.56、11.5 and 11.10 respectiely for CK、group 1、group 2 and group 3,and group 2 had the greatest litter size,litter weight of piglet of CK、group 1、group2、group 3 was respectively 11.38 kg、13.19 kg、15.76 kg、14.87 kg,and group 2 had the highest litter weight of piglet,piglets birth weight was respectively 1.30 kg、1.35 kg、1.44 kg、1.41 kg,the three treat groups are all higher than CK;conception rate was respectively 78.25%、82.13%、85.76%、84.98%,and group 2 had the highest conception rate in the four groups;abortion rate was respectively 4.65%、2.55%、1.82%、2.09%,CK had the highest abortion rate.The total feed consumption and body weight loss of sows had not significant difference(P>0.05) during the experiment period.Therefore,with the application of optimal butyric acid in feed,the weight gain of suckling piglets and feed conversion ratio increased,piglet diarrhea decreased, particularly,it had a best effect with 1%optimal butyric acid in feed;the CP、Ca and P in fece of growing pigs decreased,the gain and feed conversion rate improved and the feed cost reduced with the application of phytase,the efficiency was greatest when phytase in 500U/kg concentration;The application of aflatoxin adsorbent in sows diet can raise the litter weight,of piglet,decrease abortion rate,it had a best effect with the addition of 0.3%penicillic toxin adsorbent.the

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