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New Germplasm Creation and F1 Hybrids Identification in Diospyros Kaki Thunb

Author GuoChunJie
Tutor LuoZhengRong
School Huazhong Agricultural University
Course Pomology
Keywords Oriental persimmon SSR Embryo rescue Hybrid identification Pedigree analysis
CLC S665.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In this study, new germplasm were derived by the use of artificial pollination and embryo rescue techniques with ’Huashi No. 1’ as female parent, ’Luotian-tianshi’ and some staminate Diospyros spp. germplasms as male parents. Besides, the SSR primers which have been developed in Oriental persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) were used in the materials whose genealogical relationships were clear to us to screen out appropriate primers for the identification of hybrids. Ulteriorly, the chosen primers were utilized in pedigree inference of the materials whose genealogical relationship were unknown. Moreover, the suitable conditions for the transplanting of F1 tube seedlings were also discussed in this study.The major results are indicated as follows:1. The hybridization tests showed that, the pollen germination rate of the three experimental male materials (’Luotian-tianshi’, Male type No. 8 and Male type No. 10) was 41.6%, 38.5%, 45.2%, which reached the normal germination ability. They also exhibited very strong affinity with ’Huashi No. 1’ and the fruit set percentage of the three hybridized combinations was 60.9%, 66.1%, 80.2%.2. 941 hybrids F1 tube seedlings were derived from the three hybridized combination. The number of the three populations were 148 (’Huashi No. 1’×’Luotian-tianshi’), 301 (’Huashi No. 1’×Male type No. 8), and 492 (’Huashi No. 1’×Male type No. 10), respectively. 85 hybrids were prepared for transplanting into the field.3. After the work of optimizing the system of SSR-PCR, six pairs of primers were selected for the identification of hybrids F1 of persimmon in all. Three of them could be used in pedigree inference of four materials (’Mopanshi’, ’Baogai-tianshi’, ’Eshi No. 1’ and ’Luotian-tianshi’) whose genealogical relationships were unknown, Results showed that ’Baogai-tianshi’ and ’Eshi No. 1’ might be the hybrid progenies derived from crossing with ’Mopanshi’ as female parent and ’Luotian-tianshi’ as male parent, respectively. But it remains to be confirmed by more proofs.

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