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A Conversation Analysis of Disease Inquiry in Pediatric Clinics

Author XueZhiJuan
Tutor YuGuoDong
School Shanxi University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Pediatrics Condition asked Conversation Analysis Doctor-patient communication
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Since ancient times, the children have no say in the doctor-patient conversations. Most studies have focused on the exchanges between the doctor and adults, while the children said the discourse rarely cause the attention of scholars. In pediatric patients refers to the father or mother of the patient, usually the mother. Therefore, the patient and the father or mother of the call will be used interchangeably. Predecessors to make a significant contribution in pediatric research, especially in the Western countries in China, however, research has not yet attracted scholars are concerned about. Condition composition of inquiry is essential to the doctor-patient conversation. No matter what kind of doctor-patient conversations, will appear one way or another inquiry in the diagnostic process. From the doctor's perspective, the can get important information related to the patient's condition, by asking to make a diagnosis and provide treatment; from a patient's perspective, asking the narrative with symptoms related to information expressed opportunities and rights. Seen asking for both doctors and patients is critical. Methodologically, the main method used in this study is conversation analysis, it is a unique research methodology, research corpus sessions occur in natural contexts, the use of the method is different from the social and human sciences. In addition, to a systematic and comprehensive analysis the pediatric illness asked, this study also other theory, that the theory of modern Chinese. Specifically, the study of modern Chinese theoretical analysis the type and condition of the illness asked asked the type of response sequence organization and its core concepts, such as adjacent, former extensions inserted in the extension and after the extension of the disease, asked to respond to the contextual analysis to explore the characteristics of the disease ask. The pediatric doctor-patient conversations involving the tripartite participants, so this study will be used to study their Turn Turn Organization. In summary, this study occurred in the three hours of the pediatric clinic doctor-patient communication, recording their turn to write material as the basis for the study of conversational analysis methods, analysis pediatric clinic doctor-patient conversations three the condition asking initiated type; investigate the condition and asked to respond two types illness asked to respond to contextual analysis, and explain the reasons why, ask the typical characteristics of the pediatric doctor-patient conversations about the disease process and further excavations. The research study on the pediatric doctor-patient communication can cause the attention of the doctors and the parents of the children, and eliminating barriers to communication between doctors and pediatric patients, and ultimately the mode conversion of the doctor-patient relationship, that is, into the joint participation from the active - passive mode mode. In summary, this study is of great significance to improve pediatric physician-patient communication.

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