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The Application of Detection of the M-maspin and U-maspin in Non-invasive Prenatal Diagnosis

Author WuYongMing
Tutor ZhaoFuZuo
School Shanxi Medical
Course Immunology
Keywords In maternal plasma Unmethylated maspin Quantitative PCR Preeclampsia Prenatal diagnosis
CLC R714.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Objective: This study extracted fetal DNA from maternal plasma , quantitative PCR absolute quantitative detection of methylated and unmethylated Maspin gene and detection of preeclampsia in pregnant women fetal DNA with gestational progress changes to predict the occurrence and prognosis of preeclampsia , and provide a new method for the prenatal diagnosis of non - traumatic . Methods: random selection of early, middle and late normal pregnant women , each of the 20 cases , within 24 hours after delivery maternal 10 cases , 20 cases of preeclampsia pregnant women and non- pregnant women , 20 cases , including 20 cases of non- pregnant women as a control group . Free fetal DNA extracted from plasma , the application of epigenetics DNA methylation of the above detecting methylation and unmethylated Maspin gene expression level in each example , and qualitative and absolute quantification . To normal as early as in late pregnant women giving birth within 24 hours of normal maternal sample mean twenty-two contrast type statistical analysis and preeclampsia late pregnant women with the normal late the same period in pregnant women contrast type of statistical analysis . Results: (1) Application Epigenetics DNA methylation is detected from maternal plasma specific fetus markers - the Maspin gene unmethylated (U-Maspin) fetal DNA sequence can be inferred . (2 ) the Maspin gene methylation (M-Maspin) in early, the concentration of non-pregnant women in the mid- normal maternal plasma concentration differences without statistical significance ( P gt ; 0.05 ) , and in late normal pregnant women with eclampsia pre - pregnant women were significantly higher (P lt; 0.01). (3 ) methylation the Maspin gene (U-Maspin) could not be detected in the plasma of non-pregnant women , in the early , middle and late normal maternal plasma concentration with the pregnancy progress was increased trend ( P lt ; 0.01) , quickly disappear within 24 hours after delivery (P gt; 0.05). (4) Maspin gene unmethylated (U-Maspin) the concentration of late pregnant women in the pre-eclampsia and normal pregnant women with advanced over the same period was abnormally increased ( P LT ; 0.01 ) . Conclusion: Maspin gene unmethylated (U-Maspin) changes in pregnancy can provide a new approach to the development of non- invasive prenatal diagnosis .

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