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Theory of China’s Carbon Emissions and Strategy Research in Service Outsourcing

Author WangLiSha
Tutor LiuJingNuan
School Jilin University of Finance and Economics
Course Western Economics
Keywords Carbon emissions reduction Service outsourcing Theoretical foundation Restraining factor Choose countermeasures
CLC X321
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In order to reduce climate change damage to the environment,"United Nations Convention on Climate Change" Annex I countries must be given carbon emission reduction credits, and then sent by the state enterprises under, this behavior is actually forcing the carbon emission reduction activities in production processes among enterprises, make it a necessary part of the production chain. Because differences in the cost of corporate carbon emissions, in order to maximize profits, companies can decide according to their own carbon reduction or carbon reduction by other companies on behalf of, or even for other companies to complete the carbon emission reduction. General speaking, selected by a third party company to back their own carbon reduction carbon reduction companies are outsourcing service contract providers; and service activities to undertake the enterprise of carbon emissions, the carbon reduction services are connected contractors, which referred to the behavior of third-party emissions is carbon emissions outsourcing. In fact, there is the management of carbon emissions around the design, transaction design, supply and demand of outsourcing services such as information gathering. Can be said that the establishment of the international carbon market, marking the rise of carbon reduction services, outsourcing, not only for the modern service outsourcing has added new content, but also for the development of modern service industry in China provides a new idea. Thus, actively carry out the "theory of China’s carbon emissions and Strategy Research in service outsourcing, " for improving the share of modern services, outsourcing, and promote industrial upgrading, develop low-carbon economy has important theoretical and practical significance. Comb relevant literature, this study mainly:First, the interpretation of the meaning of carbon reduction services outsourcing. Currently, the academic outsourcing of carbon emissions does not have a uniform interpretation. Based on the past, carbon reduction and service outsourcing research literature on the content of carbon reduction services outsourcing are explored, made of broad and narrow concept of service outsourcing carbon reduction, classification analysis and interpretation to promote the development of carbon reduction services outsourcing Economic effects, ecological effects and social effects. Second, to explore carbon reduction of the theoretical basis for outsourcing. Are: the ecological crisis of Marxist theory, the modern theory of ecological compensation, low-carbon economic theory, the professional division of labor theory. Third, the domestic and international carbon reduction status of outsourcing and Enlightenment. International carbon emission reduction through the outsourcing of development status, characteristics of the analysis, found that outsourcing the development of international carbon emissions, to the revelation of the opportunities and try to find the development of carbon emission reduction advantages of outsourcing, find a breakthrough. Fourth, on the promotion of China’s service outsourcing development of carbon reduction measures. Study found that outsourcing of the development of carbon emissions are still many constraints, such as systems, corporate design, management ability, technical competence and financial capability, technology and so on. The actual situation in our country, on the promotion of the development of carbon reduction services, the feasibility of outsourcing strategies. Including the establishment of long-term carbon reduction plan, establishment of a domestic carbon trading market network system and establish a carbon reduction policy to support the development of service outsourcing and the legal system.

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