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Qiangjing Capsule Impact on Epididymis Structure and Function of Varicocele Rats

Author YinJing
Tutor ZhangShuWu
School Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Surgery of Chinese Medicine
Keywords Strong Capsules Varicocele Infertility Sperm quality Epididymis structure α-glycosidase L-carnitine
CLC R285.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Objective: To observe the strong Capsules varicocele rats epididymal structure and function of their sperm quality , and to explore the possible mechanism of the compound Chinese medicine model rat epididymal sperm maturation microenvironment regulation . Methods : 100 adolescent male SD rats , 10 were randomly selected for the sham group , the remaining 90 to narrow the left renal vein to establish a rat model of varicocele . 4 weeks after confirmed 72 rats modeling , were randomly divided into model group , strong Capsules , in the low-dose group , five the capsule Yanzong group and Shaofuzhuyu capsule group , n = 12 . Strong fine capsules were given saline and different concentrations of Yanzong capsule , Shaofuzhuyu capsule suspension 10ml/kg gavage once daily for 4 weeks , observed changes in rat epididymal sperm density and vitality observe pathological changes of the epididymis , to detect the content of the epididymis α-glucosidase enzyme ( glucose oxidase ) and L- carnitine content (DTNB method) . The experimental data are processed using SPSS16.0 software . Results: The model rats epididymis low sperm motility and density of alpha - glucosidase and L- carnitine content is low ; strong Capsules motility and density of the high-dose group , α - glucosidase and L- carnitine content in low- dose group , five the capsule Yanzong group , the Shaofuzhuyu capsule group was significantly higher (P lt; 0.01); sperm motility and density of strong fine capsules in the dose group , low levels of α - glucosidase and L- carnitine dose group , Shaofuzhuyu capsule group was significantly higher (P lt; 0.01, P lt; 0.05), but compared with Yanzong capsule group difference was not obvious ( P gt ; 0.05) . Light microscope to find the model group rat epididymal interstitial edema , vascular congestion expansion obvious inflammatory infiltration , the epididymal tubular atrophy , epithelial degeneration , cell disorder ; varying degrees of improvement in each treatment group , high dose group of strong Capsules The improvement is most obvious . Conclusion : strong Capsules can improve the model rat sperm density and vitality , improve the epididymal alpha - glucosidase and L- carnitine content , improve the epididymis morphology , and may be achieved by the above model the rat epididymis micro environment improvement improve fertility purposes .

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