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Research on Farmland Ecosystem Health Assessment Method of Township in Mid-Jiangsu Region

Author ZuoPeng
Tutor BianXinMin
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords Ecosystem health Agro-ecosystem Index system Health assessment
CLC X826
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Agriculture is the foundation of national economy, the source of human food and clothing, the basis condition for survival. Farmland is the basic element of agriculture. Farmland ecosystem is an ecosystem whose center is crop and the there exist exchange of material and energy between biological communities and their environment. And the stability of the ecosystem depends on a series of tillage measures and maintenance. Farmland ecosystem is an artificial ecosystem for the role of people is critical, through human intervention the state of the ecosystem can exchange.In recent years, due to the unmerited production and life style, the environmental problems occurred and are serious year by year, resulting in ecosystems damaged, and human health effected. Farmland ecosystems are damaged of varying degrees because of the intervention. How to turn the ecosystem to good condition has become very important and urgency for agricultural workers.Mid-Jiangsu region is an important base of grain, cotton, oil plant. But in recent years, the agriculture growth rate of Mid-Jiangsu region is slower than that of the overall level of Jiangsu Province. Under the pressure of resources, environment and population, the farmland eco-system has become deterioration. Thus, it is of great strategic significance for protection of ecological security, food security and economic structural safety by researching the farmland eco-system of Mid-Jiangsu region, understanding the level of the farmland ecosystem of Mid-Jiangsu region, seeking for appropriate measures to interfere the ecosystem, improving the level of farmland ecosystem health, creating sustainable and efficient agricultural productivity.The paper establishments the farmland ecosystem health assessment index system by referencing the research results of former agro-ecosystem health research and farmland ecosystem health research, and basing on the Mid-Jiangsu region’s farmland ecosystem characteristics, and selecting the town field scale. Select the Shengci Town, Jingjiang County, Taizhou City and Guazhou Town, Hanjiang County, Yangzhou City as the cases for the evaluation with farmland ecosystem health assessment index system. Analysis the evaluation results, and based on the analysis propose the measures to increase the health level of the farmland ecosystem of Mid-Jiangsu region. The main conclusions are as follows:1. The paper establishments the farmland ecosystem health assessment index system of town field scale. The evaluation index system of 5 layers of 16 indicators in total, using the AHP to determine the weights of farmland ecosystem health assessment index system at all levels;2. Proposing the indicators measuring methods and the classification standards of indicators by reading a lot of information, and also the method of valuation;3. Using the evaluation index system of this study to value the level of the farmland ecosystem health of Shengci Town and Guazhou Town, and the result is that, the health of farmland ecosystem of Shengci Town and Guazhou Town is similar, they are all in gradeⅡ, and the productivity and the sustainability is also similar, but in the biological structure, farmland environment and production conditions, each has advantages. Shengci Town’s farmland environment is superior to Guazhou Town, and Guazhou Town’s biological structure and production conditions are better.4. Compare the evaluation results of Guazhou town and Shengci town, we know that the condition of farmland environment related with the level of farmland ecosystem health, good industrial management of agriculture and agricultural infrastructure can improve the health of farmland ecosystems;5. Proposed measures to increase the level of farmland ecosystem health, namely: strengthening of environmental pollution control, industrial management of agriculture to do, pay close attention to agricultural infrastructure construction.

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