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Experimental animal welfare legislation

Author PengZuo
Tutor YangShiLong
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Environment and Resources Protection Law
Keywords experimental animal legal status welfare legislation
CLC D922.68
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Human and animal are a part of relationship between human and nature. On the one hand human need to use animals, but on the other hand, human called for giving animal welfare and rights. Experimental animals are being used in experiment because of its particularity. Welfare protection for experimental animals matters not only for animal protection, but also for the development of international trade.The research background and the research significance of the experimental animal welfare are introduced in the introduction,this part introduces the experimental animal welfare history about western country and China,then propurse that researching the experimental animal welfare can give our experimental animal welfare law some reference and guidance.The main idea of second chapter is about the basic content of experimental animal welfare law. Analyze and explain the meaning of experimental animals, the meaning of the experimental animals law,the legislation status and the characteristics of it, and define the difference between the experimental animal and other animals. In order to make base preparation for the subsequent further research.In the third chapter,by means of the theoretical basis researching about the experimental animals law,combining with the ecological ethics thoughts and the philosophy basis of animal rights, determine the legal status of the experimental animal,and propose the view of the experimental animal special legal object qualification,then solve the difficulty in the experimental animal welfare legislation.In the fourth chapter,depends on our existing law system of experimental animal welfare,research and discuss the existing problems, combining with the influence of the related areas about society,economy and so on,then discussed the necessity of completing the experimental animal welfare law. And based on our experimental animal welfare existing law, discuss the feasibility about completing.In the fifth chapter, by means of introduction about the experimental animal welfare legislation of USA,EU and its partial countries, summarize the enlightenment from the foreign experimental animal welfare legislation,in order to provide reference of our experimental animal welfare legislation.The last chapter base on those five chapters before,by means of experimental animal legal status’establishing.and the reference about the main content of western developed countries’experimental animal welfare legislation,then establish the preliminary experimental animal welfare legislation visualize with fiting our country form the legislation basis, legislation purpose,main principle,basic institution legal liability and so on.Our experimental animal welfare law is still in the primary stage,also still needs a completing process.The factors of influencing our experimental animal welfare legislation process are existing in many ways.It is not enough that just publish an experimental animal welfare law,it also needs necessary ideological basis of experimental animal welfare to support,and make the public realize the necessity and the realistic significance of experimental animal welfare legal construction.

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