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The Nanzhao with the Tang Dynasty cultural exchanges discourse

Author ZhaoChunXia
Tutor CaoXiang
School Yunnan Normal University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Nanzhao Tang Dynasty Cultural Exchange
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Nanzhao in support of the Tang Dynasty unified the Erhai area and then unified Yunnan region as a whole. To consolidate the newly established regime, Nanzhao actively expand cultural exchanges with Don. Cultural exchanges with bidirectional Nanzhao in to absorb the Tang culture, while also using its own unique culture rich with Tang culture, and to build up the impact should not be overlooked in the splendid Tang culture. Research the Nanzhao culture is an international topic This paper stood predecessors research focuses on the cultural exchange between Nanzhao and Tang thought Yunnan Province of Ethnic Culture provide useful lessons. This article consists of three parts. The first part discusses the background of Nanzhao and Tang cultural exchanges, Nanzhao in the Tang Dynasty, support the establishment of a unified regime, its rulers admired extremely advanced culture of the Tang dynasty, Nanzhao rulers vigorously advocated and the implementation of the Central Plains culture; coincides Tang also the implementation of the national policy of opening up, This laid the foundation for the two sides launched a large-scale cultural exchange. The second part discusses the cultural exchange between Nanzhao and Tang. Nanzhao culture compared to the Tang culture, there is no doubt there is a considerable gap, Nanzhao in all aspects of the language, writing, literature, art, architecture, sculpture, farming learn from Don, that this Tang weathered \Nanzhao Culture in the Tang culture under the influence of the great development, but must not overlook the impact of the Nanzhao culture brought to the Don. Because the Nanzhao also broaden the horizons of the Chinese culture to some extent, to stimulate a desire for the creation of the Tang Dynasty. The third part discusses the historical role of the Nanzhao and Tang cultural exchange. Cultural exchanges to promote the the Nanzhao perfection of the political system, economic development and the Tang Dynasty, and played a huge role in promoting the formation of Bai. Cultural exchanges between the two sides have also stimulated the creation of the Tang Dynasty, which led to the Tang dynasty's links with other countries on the Indochina Peninsula. In summary, we can see the cultural exchange also affects the political relations between countries, because of the culture of both the service of politics, also reflect political changes. Exchanges in the Nanzhao with Don, culture plays an important role. Today Yunnan proposed slogan of building the Province of Ethnic Culture, history is to take advantage of the heavy accumulation Yunnan ethnic culture to develop their own, and do not understand the culture of the past, will be impossible to better the development of today's culture. Nanzhao Culture either on the existing foundation Nanzhao culture in depth, but also for the development and prosperity of the Yunnan Province of Ethnic Culture historical reference, therefore, an important research the Nanzhao culture and Tang cultural exchange theoretical significance and practical value.

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