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Study on the Evaluation of Coordinated Development between Urban Land Intensive Use and Ecological Environment

Author YueYuanYuan
Tutor LiuYouZhao
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Management of land resources
Keywords Land intensive use Coordinated development Differences Jiangsu province
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The coordinated development of intensive urban land use and ecology of the city was the core of sustainable development. The patterns of the city land can result in ecological environment destruction the cities through the influence of the atmospheric environment, water environment, noise environment and biological diversity. And one better ecological environment is the basic part of the city sustainable urban development and urban land-intensive use. Only the coordinated development of urban land intensive use and ecological environment can make a guarantee to the smooth progress of sustainable development of city.On the basis of constructing an evaluation model of coordinated development between urban land intensive use and ecological environment, this paper analyzed the spatial and temporal distribution of degree for coordinated development since 1995.The results included:(1) Since 1995, the level of urban land use in Jiangsu Province showed an upward trend, improving significantly, while the level of development of ecological environment fluctuated upward trend.(2)The grade for coordination degree converted Moderate disorders into good coordination.(3) The overall coordinated development degree gradually increased year by year, converting Moderate offset recession into Intermediate coordination.(4) Since 1995, the coordinated development of urban land use and environment in general had the constant increase track. (5) There were obviously regional disparity existed in the coordination degree and coordinated development degree, the overall level of coordinated development in most cities of the south regions being higher than those in the middle and north regions of Jiangsu, and there was a strong correlation relationship between the coordinated development degree and the level of economic development.(6) Thirdly, the 13 cities in Jiangsu would be divided into five categories in accordance with coordination degree and coordinated development degree because of differences in economic development, natural environment, and policies factors.Coordinated development between urban land intensive use and ecological environment was effectively promoted by improving the level of urban land intensive use, continuing to strengthen ecological environment protecting and construction, carrying out urban ecological planning, and establishment of environment-friendly land use pattern.

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