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Intrusion detection based on the ultrasonic echo envelope in the military security patrols

Author YiChun
Tutor YeZheJiang;ChenMinQian
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords Ultrasonic wave Intrusion detection Pattern Recognition SCM Serial Communication Program
CLC E919
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Intrusion detection refers to the external objects (people, vehicles or other objects) without allowing unauthorized access to a defined area, through some way or ways to prevent or to remind the supervisors attention. With the further development of surveillance technology, surveillance has become increasingly expanding demand for intrusion detection technology is also growing. Monitoring system developed, more and more cameras, regulators can not keep staring at each camera, which requires use of technology instead of an automated alarm monitoring personnel on the perimeter of the target area’or target to achieve monitoring, if it is found invasion the timely alarm to alert monitoring personnel in order to enhance security. To distinguish from the target detection, intrusion detection is usually divided into regional perimeter intrusion detection and intrusion detection, the former refers to a target area for effective monitoring, detecting intrusions invaded the region when an alarm to alert regulators note The perimeter intrusion detection usually refers to a linear boundary (such as the important region of the wall) to monitor, if found to have illegal acts through the generation of the border police.This article aims to use the ultrasonic echo envelope based intrusion detection method to monitor the target area, using methods of pattern recognition to distinguish between human and animal invasion, only if someone invasion alarm. Firstly, an overview of the principles of intrusion detection and present status of several common intrusion detectors were compared; and then introduces the pattern recognition method and ultrasonic echo envelope feature extraction method, and the necessary hardware and circuit design to do the selection and design; Finally, the’design of the experimental data analysis to prove that the design is reasonable. Thesis is divided into six chapters.The first chapter describes the basic principles of intrusion detection research status at home and abroad, the invasion of several common problems detectors were compared, and finally explained the significance of this design. The second chapter describes the specific methods of pattern recognition and ultrasonic echo envelope feature extraction method, gives the idea of the design theory.ChapterⅢdetailed analysis of ultrasonic transmitter and receiver circuits and receiving modules, and gives the schematic design.ChapterⅣoutlines STC12C5401 AD MCU features, and analysis of the microcontroller serial communication program, given the realization of this design process.ChapterⅤreaches the final conclusion by comparing and analysising the test data and error of simulation environment.ChapterⅥof the paper summarizes the main research work carried out to explain the lack of papers and thesis research for future development.

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