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Country Culture Construction Path Selection

Author XieZuo
Tutor WuShengZuo
School Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course Agricultural science and technology organization and services
Keywords rural construction country culture construction country culture industrialization
CLC C912.82
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Since thousands of years ago, agriculture play an important role in China. It support energy to the strengthen of the country, and can be a base for the development of the national economy. The long history of agriculture also lay the foundation of spreading brilliant, accumulating culture of china, and making China to be a strong country. The energy to make China a strong country by inheriting culture of agriculture is obvious. The importance of accumulating culture is well known. But how to use it effectively, become more and more important. For the industrialization of culture is extremely important to expand the influence of clear direction, locking objective, reasonable development of culture, is the basic requirements for every enterprise can abide. In the other hand, in the country culture construction, good for the country culture construction, industrialization, the expansion of durability and activity, inheritance of rural culture play a guiding role. Excellent rural culture put in the cultural construction of the living soul to the country. The country culture construction is always the problem of how to better village culture, strengthen the construction of rural culture outstanding, become the era concern. The new rural construction, discover new agricultural development mode, and to cultivate the new farmers. Therefore, through the domestic and overseas scholars’theory relevant rural construction and industrialization of rural culture on the basis of the research, and summarizes the rural construction and the industrialization of the country culture achievements and shortages, for the future, in the countryside, provides theory basis of rural research of the culture construction of path selection.Chapter 1, introduction. This chapter includes the research project background and relevant problems, putting forward, from the theory, practice and the macroscopic and microscopic four aspects the significance of this research project is extended, according to relevant basis for the study on exploring the project proposed guidelines, developing steps, the technical route and may be the place of innovation.Chapter 2, according to relevant literature at home and abroad were reviewed, the mode of rural construction theory and contrastChapter 3, the route of S culture field view of the construction of new countryside culture choice. S culture of philosophical thought. In the viewpoint of S "harmonious degree", and the interpretation of the concept and S in real application.Chapter 4, the country culture industrialization path: the country culture construction mode innovation. Through the analysis of the industrialization of the country culture history and status quo, predict the country culture of the road of industrialization path selection, and culture industrialization way between the comprehensive analysis, from the point of view of various aspects, analysis different opinions.Chapter 5, culture experiment: west "bridgehead" rural culture road of industrialization of Pingtan the operation mechanism and advancing the possibility of analysis. From the road of industrialization of Pingtan culture development conditions, analysis of the conclusion, carry out research field of the industrialization of Pingtan culture the road of development put forward reasonable opinion.Chapter 6, research conclusions and policy recommendations. This chapter summarizes the research drawn conclusion, and put forward the objective of the study of the deficiency and the further proposals.

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