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Study on Fuel Supply of Henan Straw Power Generation

Author ShiZaiTao
Tutor XuGuangYin
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering
Keywords straw AHP analysis straw power generation straw logistics straw supply
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In this paper, straw as an energy source for electricity eneration, because of its physical properties of straw density, size, distribution of loose, not easy to transport, storage and management, and chemical properties of straw and low alorific value by restricting the scale of Biomass Power Generation, Biomass received particular storage problem is the bottleneck of the development of straw where the power industry, increasing the cost of Biomass Power Generation. In this study, how to collect straw, the use of which model is more suitable for collecting current state of the market economy, how to plant crops straw taken from the fields to rationalize this process and reduce the cost of crop stalks to generate electricity do these issues are discussed and analyzed .First, in Henan Province on the status of crop straw resources, including the composition of straw resources, geographical distribution, physical properties of straw and chemical properties, the use of straw resources available and the amount of energy use were analyzed. AHP method to establish the value of the use of straw targets, through the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model analysis of the use of straw showed that straw straw utilization of biomass power generation is the highest in performance, but also much higher than other methods using straw for straw power Will receive maximum benefits.Second, use of straw in the analysis of the effectiveness of farmers and income indicators, based on the analysis of the cost of straw for power generation structure, calculate the stalks of the costs of power generation, power generation investment in the straw, raw material costs and an annual generation capacity of three uncertainty Sensitivity analysis. Generation cost of straw to find the main factors: changes in the same rate, changes in fuel costs, the greatest impact on program costs, followed by investment, while the cost of power generation with minimal impact on the program. Therefore, the cost of fuel is a sensitive factor. When fuel costs increase by 20%, the unit price increased 0.052 yuan, the rate reached 10.48%, thus reducing fuel costs can significantly reduce the cost of electricity. On this basis, the introduction of modern logistics theory and method, analysis of the domestic power engineering technology and equipment straw status quo, with the current development of biomass utilization of straw, straw collection comparative analysis of existing models, the establishment of processing and transportation cost analysis of mathematical programs Model, quantitative straw raw material costs, and to explore and straw storage solutions designed to study and optimize the design of straw power project logistics process, the establishment of a relatively Biomass power generation collection mode of economic development, optimize the straw collection, compression, transport , Storage and other links, focus on resolving the lower cost of raw materials straw for power generation.This reality, theory with practice, the use of survey method, the generation of power plants at this stage of straw size, investment cost for statistical analysis. Use of industrial technology and methods of the theory of economics, the factors affecting the straw power sensitivity analysis, from the qualitative point of view of straw collection mode, use of facilities planning and logistics system design knowledge, on the straw from the fields to plant the whole collection Process optimization, design, compression and transportation of straw mathematical models, quantitative analysis of the cost reduction means the collection of straw. The use of modern warehousing concept, design straw reasonable inventory methods, so that the straw power generation in the theory and practice in optimum condition.

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