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Research on Banquet Culture in Tang Dynasty

Author WuYuXiu
Tutor HuangTaoï¼›LiuShuiYun
School Wenzhou University
Course Folklore
Keywords Tang Dynasty Banquet of wine culture Wine vessel Drinking Dance Miscellaneous drama
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Banquet of wine culture is very prosperous in the Tang Dynasty. Then on the feast of the wind from the emperor Guiqi, nobility, under and civilians, Huang Guan Zi stream. The banquet spaces penetration in Ye Ting Jiaofang, cite field, so that every corner of the screen, music camp, brothel social. A wide range of colorful culture fully demonstrated in the banquet of wine, from the banquet of wine can reflect the overall appearance of the Tang dynasty political, economic, cultural and social life. Of fully occupied by various types of information on the basis of the discourse on art and cultural phenomenon of material culture, the social field, the feast main Zuo drinking culture of the Tang Dynasty Jiu Yan, sought to restore the banquet of wine culture of the Tang Dynasty the true face of history. The paper consists of six parts. The first part, the Tang Dynasty wine vessel. Don wine vessel production unprecedented prosperity, according to sources Bureaucracy workshops around the kiln Cave and foreign wine vessel three categories. The purpose of drinking vessels in ritual life, day-to-day feast has been widely used type of worship is, Sheng Chu, as appropriate, the drinking is, temperature boiler, iced, ladle out take, entertainment wine vessel. The second part, cupbearer of the Tang Dynasty and the wine. The Tang rulers through Monopolizing wine tax wine and temperance three types of policies to regulate the production of wine. Tang Dynasty is one of the most glorious period of development of China's liquor brewing technology, many wines, including the palace wine, around the wines and home brew wine. The third part of the Tang Dynasty with wine social field. The many Chinese organized Jiu Yan social field, banquet venues palace, the military monastic Taoist, family, wine shop, hotel, brothel, country and cruise ships. The fourth part, the main feast from the social stratification of view. Tang Dynasty drinking a very large social groups, court nobles drink literati drink civilians drink, monks, priests also drink. From the perspective of social stratification, the Palace Banquet Jiejia banquets the literati banquets and private banquet four. The fifth part, the rank and file in the Tang Dynasty banquet of wine drinking culture. Chinese banquet generally Hang Jiuling songs to send the wine, watching the dance performances Yoo wine, as well as miscellaneous play to help smile. Where appropriate, the past and present, and is intended to be divided into eight categories: imperative, word order, speaking order chips so Bo make divination orders, dance orders and book rhetoric such as wine orders. The Chinese drinking, more than a a duet Zuojiu move. Tang Jiu Yan the song resigned literati significant word, Hu Yi lyrics and religious lyrics. Tang various types of music and dance at the banquet be fully developed, are more representative of the court Ministry Kuregaku dance, Kin dance and soft dance and miscellaneous dance Daqu dance four categories. Tang and the Five Jiu Yan performances prosperous miscellaneous drama entertainment wine, dance drama and Comedians play, skill miscellaneous play barbarian hybrid play. The sixth part of the banquet of wine culture in the Tang Dynasty. Banquet of wine culture of the Tang Dynasty to the Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty to follow, in the feast the history has nexus status. The author discussed both from the wind of the feast Wen wine, Musicians Yoo feast vulgar.

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