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Longing to Belong

Author XuZuoQing
Tutor HeChangYi
School Yunnan Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords The death of beauty Oedipus complex Psychopathic personality Motherly desire Death Instinct Edgar Allan Poe
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In this paper, the use of the interpretation of Freud's theory of female novel of Edgar Allan Poe gave birth to the hero of the Oedipus complex. Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), the American literary writers prestigious one, he will look to invest in the caves of the human mind and it will be one of the dark, lonely, depressed portrayed vividly he the female singular portrayed more so that his work may seem arcane. \He spared no effort to celebrate women, and they are seen as the embodiment of the ideal, the power of joy, life and a source of inspiration. But people deeply confused is that many beautiful women of the world beyond his works often experienced the terror of death, they were buried alive or, or damage to, or suffering from mental swallowed. The authors found that Poe's work has been more or less psychological crisis, more specifically, in relation to the problem of the psychopathic personality psychopathic personality \beauty ultimately to the destruction of the crux. Given the slope and Freud turned to the subject of the Oedipus complex, in this article from Freud's theory of the Air, as the death of the \Freud, the driving force behind the creation of art is the artist repressed all the instinctive desire, especially his childhood repressed Oedipus complex. This paper tries to four of his female novel as a template to start from the relationship between the victim and the male hero, analysis of their dead, and a different image of resurrection because of the beauty of the works. Freund's \Therefore, the authors believe that the slope of its creation as a therapeutic tool during parsing will focus on the top of the overall reconstruction of the unconscious. Specific to analyze the slope of the work is divided into three stages: the initial stage of the slope life, interpretation of the Oedipus complex in the works of self-revelation; deepening stage to reveal the personality development process \the formation of a psychopathic personality Oedipal guilt; stage of completion is committed discusses the slope of his father's hostility and pathological love of the mother, and the desire for the return of the mother's death instinct. The paper is divided into five parts. The first chapter is an introduction, a brief author's life, especially around of life of women, in addition, the research focus and scope of this paper also covers the. Chapters II and III outlines the basic theory and terminology related literature review and this introduction. The fourth chapter of the main part of the use of Freund's \period the absence of the spiritual world. Words to build the spirit world, he exaggerated the wording and boundless fantasy to demonstrate pathological love of the mother, the guilt of Oedipus, he rejected the image of the real mother, he let her \transcending death, perfect, this emotion stems from the fear he had felt helpless and mentally abnormal morbid desire motherly love. In typical female fiction from a certain extent, to explore Freud's theory of Edgar Allan Poe's literary creation as well as the impact embodied in the works, in order to provide readers with the slope pen the characters of different interpretations.

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