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A Study of Holden’s Being Lost in Nothingness-From the Perspective of Nietzsche’s Nihilism

Author ZhengChunHua
Tutor ZhangKeQin
School Yunnan Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Nihilism Alienation Pointless Holden 's spiritual emptiness Social value
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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JD Salinger's novel \As the first opposition 一 九五 ○ substance of American society's prosperity and spiritual emptiness contradictory indifference young writers, Sellin Gyoumri of spiritual crisis on youth issues, his only novel, \style representative. Holden Caulfield through the hero's eyes, we are more deeply aware of the absurdity of our existence in modern society and spreading the spirit of alienation, social indifference and suffering to survive. This paper is from the perspective of Nietzsche's nihilism \As for the evaluation and interpretation of human existence, nihilism is considered sacred value of human existence in China. \According to Nietzsche's understanding of the modern spirit also has the characteristics of nihilism, nihilism is the most profound of human thinking. With Nietzsche's theory, we recognize Holden in modern social life of emptiness mental state. And, according to this analysis, we can be more profound understanding of the human spirit in modern life situation. This thesis consists of five parts: introduction, literature review, theoretical framework, discussions, and at the end. The first section briefly describes fiction author JD Salinger and the novel \The second part of the review of this novel study abroad. The third part is the theoretical nihilism exposition, including the definition of nihilism, and nihilism in Nietzsche's thinking on human destiny and the living conditions of the modern reflection, as a theoretical basis for the analysis of the novel. The fourth chapter analyzes the spirit of Holden pain caused by lack of status. Reflections on the nihilism of Nietzsche and his characteristic nihilism discussion in Holden and others who have been reflected. Based on current values ??and to resist attempts to find better efforts of the moral order, nihilism in Holden resistance and pursuit of modern living reflected. Holden against indifference absurd society, embodied in his alienation from society, not with the outside world for meaningful spiritual communication. Through Holden's eyes as we discovered the disease spreading loneliness and alienation. In a sense, the modern spirit in essence belongs to nihilism. By Holden struggles we can more deeply understand his quest for human beauty and modern survival revaluation attempt. And, nihilism can be considered new thinking on human creativity, recession also breeds progress. We can also find his love for life and better living conditions for the desire. The last chapter summarizes my personal understanding of Nietzsche nihilism, and works on nihilism applied to this analysis.

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